Two days after the death of her husband, Celine lost her beloved brother to cancer.

It hasn’t been too long since Justin Timberlake  and Jessica Biel welcomed an adorable baby boy. On Friday, the parents of little Silas had a night out at the 11th Annual GLSEN Respect Awards in Beverly Hills and poked some fun at not being able to go out as much after having a child. The couple was […]

According to researchers, denser breasts make it harder to detect cancer in a mammogram because non-cancerous fatty cells could show up as white on a mammogram, the same as cancerous fatty cells.

Thousands of women (and men) are banding together to share their stories and fight to find a cure for breast cancer. With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, social media activists have sought to maintain a culture of awareness for the better -- and sometimes the worse.

Marcy Borders, the woman whose image defined the 9/11 attacks, has died from stomach cancer.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan has announced he’s been diagnosed with Non Hodgkin Lymphoma. The cancer is in late stage 3 or possibly stage 4. He plans to continue with his gubernatorial duties while being treated for the disease. Prayers for him and his family. Follow  @aprilwattslive on Facebook  Instagram & Twitter  

Also, four major cancer charities just got busted for extortion and VonDerrit Myers' killer has been cleared of charges.


  Alan Rodney, M.D., is board-certified in medical oncology and hematology. He received his B.S. from Xavier University in New Orleans, Louisiana, graduating with Magna…

Salons without licenses or that have failed to adequately pay workers for owed wages will be shut down.

We are so, sooo happy about the update we’ve heard from Devon Still regarding his four-year-old daughter Leah‘s on-going battle with (a rare) pediatric cancer (also called…

Each year around 13,500 children are diagnosed with cancer in the US, that’s more than a classroom of kids a day.Cancer kills more children than…