American Idol

“American Idol” commanded our attention for two hours yesterday as aspiring entertainers, nascent artists and the tone deaf grabbed opportunity by the groin for a…

Here we go… Week before last the media went along with the fairy tale that all was well between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey. In other words, the supposed beef they were having was pure fantasy on the part of the media. Well, flash forward to today in Charlotte, North Carolina where things got real […]

Let me borrow a line from an old hip hop tune.  Kathie Lee, you better check yourself before you wreck yourself!  Kathie Lee said that the Queen was too old for American Idol.  She said that most wouldn’t know Aretha’s music.  Really???  I could get Aretha’s back, but, she’s already responded.

Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul have been gone for some time, now Steven Tyler and J Lo are out.  People may be talking about Mariah Carey, but the Queen of Soul wants everyone to know that she is ready for one of the spots.  Hiring Aretha would insure that a real singer is a judge, unlike Simon’s […]

I would certainly rather hear what the Queen of Soul has to say to the wannabees that show up at these shows than most of the people that are serving as judges.  Aretha says she, Patti Labelle, and Natalie Cole would all love to be involved with one of the shows, but no calls.   Hmmm….Too […]

Family says weight coming back after divorce and other family problems.  Wait, this came from the National Enquirer?

Much time has passed since the senseless murder of J Huds family members.  The trial is underway.  What brought her to tears on the stand?

I stopped watching the tired American Idol a couple of years ago, but in my house, it makes it’s way to a TV somehow. One of the contestants will not be on the show anymore, and it’s not because of the judges or votes. Read more here.

Why does Paula think her crib is cursed? Here’s the story.

This may be the reason J Hud and David Otunga have not walked down the aisle.

Look who else is headed to divorce court!

Former American Idol alumni Anware Robinson was nearly shot to death during a robbery recently. At one of his previous shows, Robinson spoke to the audience. He said that while driving home with his friend Joshua three young men attempted to rob him. In fear for his life he drove off. The three assailants pursued […]