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  The director of the CTE Center at Boston University said Aaron Hernandez had stage 3 CTE brain disease as a result of his short career in the NFL, which could have played a huge role in the murder cases he faced and committing suicide. Dr. Ann McKee says the disease can cause violent mood […]

Lawyers for Aaron Hernandez confirm there were letters found inside of the late athlete’s jail cell but say none of the letters were written to a gay love, insisting that the rumors are just malicious leaks.

More news is beginning to surface following Aaron Hernandez‘s reported suicide. After the ex-Patriots player was found hung by his bed sheets in his single-inmate cell, the Worcester District Attorney’s Office discovered three handwritten suicide notes next to a Bible. While the content of the letters has yet to be revealed, a source connected to the investigation […]

Aaron Hernandez‘s lawyer revealed his suspicions about the late star’s alleged suicide and new evidence may prove that he was spot on. Jose Baez is accusing the Worcester Medical Examiner of illegally retaining Aaron’s brain after agreeing to release it to the hospital of the family’s choice for the purpose of CTE medical research. The family […]

Aaron Hernandez was pronounced dead on Wednesday morning just days after being found not guilty on double murder chargers. The shocking death was deemed a suicide but the former NFL star’s lawyer Jose Baez isn’t buying it. TMZ reports that Baez has launched an investigation on behalf of Hernandez’s family as they’re not convinced that […]

Ex-NFL star Aaron Hernandez who was serving a life sentence for murder, committed suicide early this morning at a Massachusetts Correctional Center.

Follow KYS On Twitter: The sad tale of Aaron Hernandez is now over. The former NFL star tight end who was convicted of murder has killed himself. Hernandez was found in his cell hanging by a bed sheet and was pronounced dead at a hospital early Wednesday morning according to reports. Hernandez was serving a […]

Believe it or not, several famous folks have been accused of killing other people.  Many were involved in tragic accidents that resulted in deaths, while others committed cold-blooded murder.


Former New England Patriots tight-end Aaron Hernandez has been found guilty in the killing of 27-year old Odin Lloyd, a semi-pro football player and the former boyfriend of Hernandez’s fiancee’s sister. Jurors found Hernandez guilty of first degree murder which will likely result in a sentence of life in prison with no possibility of parole, […]

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