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Washington Wizards Announcers Calls Ben Simmons Overrated, Debate Ensues

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Play-by-play analysts usually keep their opinions about players to themselves and call the game. One announcer decided he had to let his take on Philadelphia 76ers’ all-star guard Ben Simmons fly.

Washington Wizards announcer Justin Kutcher shook the sports table Friday night (Mar.12) when he decided to let the world know exactly how he felt about Ben Simmons. While heaping praise for Tobias Harris, Kutcher, in the same breath, called Simmons one of the most overrated players in the NBA.

“I’ve said it before, and I know I’ll take flak for it,” Kutcher began.  “I think Ben Simmons is one of if not the most overrated player in the NBA. He’s got so much love and attention that people aren’t paying attention to what Tobias Harris is doing on the floor.”


His hot take drew a reaction from retired hooper and current ESPN NBA analyst Kendrick Perkins.

“Did he just say that Ben Simmons is the most overrated player in the league? Shame on him. This gotta be the most disturbing thing I’ve heard all year. He do realize that Simmons is the front runner for DPOY?! #ridiculous”

Perkin’s wasn’t the only NBA alum to chime in. Jusuf Nurkic and Robert Covington also had some words for Kutcher. Nurkic told the announcer to just “do his job” and “stop hating,” while Covington simply told him to “cut it out.”

Kutcher didn’t back down from his opinion, tweeting:

“Yep, I said that Ben Simmons is one of the most overrated plyrs in the NBA, and I stand by it. I didn’t say he was BAD, just not as good as everyone makes him out to be. GREAT defender, potential DPOY, but I think he’s made All League/All Star Teams based on hype. And..goodnight.”

As you can imagine, Kutcher labeling Simmons overrated sparked a bit of a debate among #NBATwitter. Of course, there were plenty of people riding with Simmons. Still, some agree with Kutcher, mainly becuase Simmons is basically one-dimensional when it comes to his offense, being that he still can’t hit an outside shot to save his life.

All points are fair.

You can be the judge for yourself after peeping all of the reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Christian Petersen / Getty

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