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Democratic Presidential Candidates Participate In First Debate Of 2020 Election Over Two Nights

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Michael Steele, the former RNC chairperson, has emerged as a sensible talking head as part of MSNBC’s rolling commentator pool. During a Wednesday broadcast, Steele blasted President Donald Trump and essentially called the growing cadre of anti-maskers a collective of dumb asses.

Steele, also the former governor of Maryland, was a panelist on Brian Williams’ news show and offered his views on the fact that states Trump won in 2016 are among the leaders in coronavirus cases. Adding to this, President Trump has consistently contradicted the reports from health experts tasked to bring science and facts to the American people while the former business mogul is content with keeping the focus on gaining reelection while seemingly suppressing the truth.

Dr. Robert Redfield, the director of the CDC, pivoted directly away from Trump’s stances while speaking under oath during a U.S. Senate hearing on Wednesday. Redfield offered, in his words, the fairest assessment on when a vaccine can be made available and when life could return to normalcy in the states, which so far doesn’t appear to be until late next year.

Trump then tried his usual tactic of moving the goalpost to say states that vote blue are leading the numbers in coronavirus cases, but of course, it’s red states, including states Trump won, who are out in front. As it stands, the lines have been already deeply drawn but this was a severe misstep by the president as evidenced by the reaction from media.

In an exasperated tone, Steele said what a lot of folks have been thinking in the wake of anti-maskers who believe coronavirus and COVID-19 to be nothing more than a hoax or overblown.

“They do and they don’t care,” Steele said of Trump supporters who might understand Trump’s contradictions. “I’ve talked to enough of them over the last few days, I’m exhausted. You know at this point, it’s like save who you can save because there is only so much you can do. There is only so much you can say. The fact that we have to…we have to literally beg people to wear a mask to save their own dumb ass from getting sick, I’m sorry. To me, it is beyond the imagination.”

“I’m so exhausted with this president, at this point, in the face of what we see happening on college campuses right now as we turn into fall, we all knew this was coming and yet, this administration has done jack about it,” Steele continued.

On Twitter, Steele’s frustrated response to Trump’s politicizing and handling of the pandemic garnered some replies. We’ve collected some from all sides for viewing below.

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