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Kyle Kuzma Pre-Game Fit

Source: Kyle Kuzma / @kuz

The Washington Wizards are one of the surprise teams in the NBA after trading away All-Star Russell Westbrook to the Los Angeles Lakers and bringing on a bevy of necessary players. Kyle Kuzma, who is one of the team’s best contributors, is currently getting fried online after rocking an extremely loud and pink Patrick The Starfish outfit ahead of a Monday night game.

Kuz was draped in a Raf Simons sweater that was probably meant to be worn by a member of the Annunaki instead of a normal-sized human. Sure, the sweater probably costs more than anything in most folks’ closets but that’s not going to stop anyone from getting their jokes off.

What was wild about Kuz’s fit is that he’s already a rather tall gentleman, and the sleeves of this particular sweater damn near touched his ankles. The hem of the sweater was also lengthy, extending near to Kuzma’s kneecaps. It shouldn’t come as a shock that Kuz would don such an outfit considering he’s always been fashion-forward down to his various hairstyles over the years.

Kuz is also having a pretty solid season thus far, averaging over 13 points, nine rebounds, and over two assists. Kuz poured in 11 points and hauled in 13 rebounds along with five dimes in the team’s 109-103 loss to the Charlotte Hornets, who leaned on the talents of Terry Rozier and LaMelo Ball. The Wizards are back on the road to face the New Orleans Pelicans on Wednesday (November 24).

Some of Kuz’s NBA peers hopped online to make sure that they fried the 26-year-old Flint, Mich. native. We’ve got those reactions below.

Photo: Instagram

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