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Cam’ron is an iconic figure in Hip Hop, and he is best known for forming The Diplomats in 1997 with his Harlem childhood friend Jim Jones. Cam’ron, often referred to as Killa Cam, has given Hip Hop classics like “Hey Ma” and “Oh Boy.” Aside from being a pivotal player in establishing a new East Coast wave in rap music, Killa Cam is known for his unique fashion sense. Cam’ron has been spotted in oversized garments with vibrant prints and colors over the years. His looks influenced streetwear fashion way before A$AP Rocky began calling himself the fashion killa, which is most likely an ode to the East Harlem OG Cam’ron himself. Fans all-time favorite look from Killa Cam is the legendary pink fur with the pink flip phone to match, which inspired generations of Halloween costume looks.

Today Cam’ron celebrates 45 years of life, and of course we acknowledge all of his contributions to music, but most importantly his legendary outfits. Take a look at some of Killa Cam’s craziest looks over the years.

Happy Birthday, Cam’ron!

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1. Classic Pink Mink

Source:GQ Magazine

This will forever reign iconic amongst all of Cam’ron’s notable outfits. He isn’t afraid to step outside of men’s general fashion comfort zone exploring shades of pinks that were once viewed as more feminine. 

2. Superhero Killa Cam

Source:Karen Civil

This look is definitely questionable, but Cam’ron confidently closes out a Mark McNairy fashion show in this Dipset cape. He could careless what others think of his outfit choices, because he simply knows he’s fly. Cam is quite possibly the only person allowed to pull this type of superhero business off. 

3. America’s Favorite Diplomats


Who wouldn’t want Cam’ron representing our country? Cam’ron is posed with Juelz Santana both draped in head to toe American flag colors. Another staple fit in the closet of the legendary rapper. 

4. Pink Is His Thing


Cam’ron made pink his color. He’s seen in this photo rocking a bandana printed bomber jacket with a pink belt to match. This was an outfit for the times, and Cam’ron is often referred to as the “goat” of this particular time in fashion for obvious reasons. 

5. Custom Fits and Fitted’s

Source:Complex Style

The multi-colored studded leather jacket is like nothing you have ever seen before. Cam’ron kept a custom piece in his wardrobe, and that is something to admire about the rapper’s fashion. 

6. Keeps It Fly On Film


Even on the big screen, Cam’ron keeps it fly. As seen on Paid In Full, Killa Cam is draped in a huge chain and Gucci sweater. 

7. Fur For Days


Growing up in East Harlem, Cam’ron learned how to dress for the snowy winter months. A few furs in the closet is a necessity for any New Yorker, but especially a fashion fanatic like the great Killa Cam. 

8. Oversized Jerseys & Timbs

Source:Revolt TV

Killa Cam paid homage to the Cardinals in this oversized fit with a name belt suited for the times. It wouldn’t be a list of East Harlem’s finest, Cam’ron’s fashion moments without a pair of Timbs. 

9. Dipset Take The Grammys


Usually, celebrities come dressed in their black tie attire for award shows, but not rule breakers like Dipset. Instead, Killa Cam has a custom pink Chicago bulls jacket with the iconic pink flip phone that fans have grown to adore.

10. Freestyling In Style


Style is one of the best ways to express yourself creatively, and Cam’ron has no bounds when it comes to self-expression. His style has transcended generations and inspired many artists to creatively emote their feelings outside of the music. We thank Cam for his iconic fits, freestyles and limitless creativity. 

Happy Killa Cam Day indeed!