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There is probably not a more self-assured person on this planet quite like rap sensation Drake. A former teen actor on the hit series Degrassi, Drake has spent the past 15 years and counting building himself up as one of the greatest entertainers that hip-hop has ever bared witnessed to. He’s amassed the type of fame that makes him seem almost untouchable — an elite within the world of glitz and glam where normal societal rules don’t really matter.

In Drake’s case specifically, he’s spent a good portion of the last few years entering a sort of “soft era” — skin tanned, hair long and apparently now rocking hot pink nail polish.

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Photo and video of Drake rocking a fresh set of pink “aura nails” (see above) sent social media into a frenzy over the weekend. The video even sees Drizzy high-pitch singing along to his frenemy Kanye West’s 2004 breakout hit “Through The Wire,” doing his best Chaka Khan impression and further embracing that inner anima.

While some have found ways to display intolerance and even in more unfortunate cases homophobia, majority of reactions to Drake’s viral mani have actually been quite supportive. Some fans aren’t even surprised following similar fanfare over his choice of yellow nail polish earlier this month.

Considering the widespread feeling of acceptance after recently coming off of Pride Month, and looking at how rap peers like Lil Yachty, Lil Uzi Vert and Trippie Redd have each done the same and way more, we think Drake should feel more than valid if he wants fly nails to go with his fresh blowout and princess cut diamonds. Right?

Take a look below at how people are reacting to Drake’s new hot pink nail polish, and let us know your hot take on male manicures:


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1. Grown ass men crying about drake wearing nail polish 😭

via @hrsinnsilence

2. showing this photo of drake’s latest manicure to my nail tech how did we get here as a society

via @rihannasgayson

3. That moment when you’ve never had your nails done but Drake has 😐

via @itshanuu

4. Drake nails not settling in my spirit idk. 😂😩

via @tiffanielane_

5. Drake painting his nails wit them baby braids and duck lip selfies is gettin a lil weird

via @lilpapifresh

6. Niggas will tryda judge me for loving Nicki Minaj but turn around supporting drake… a nearly 40 yr old man painting his nails 💅 pink and yellow……::…… ok

via @GangstaGrillzs

7. Imma excuse Drake having painted nails just like how I excused Wayne kissing Baby on the lips

via @oopzallberryz

8. Paintin his nails pink and streamin his opp’s classics…Drake down bad bro smdh

via @ye4us

9. my first time complimenting drake cause why are his new pink nails actually really cute

via @donottalk2mee

10. Why are grown men worried about Drake painting his nails. Everything he does is for the BITCHES. A lot of women love that shit. Leave my man alone.

via @stephmeister___