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Chris Tucker in STL

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Not many people can say that they not only starred in a cult classic, but also played leading man in one of the funniest comedy franchises of the past few decades. Of course, Chris Tucker, can certainly make that claim: His unforgettable role as weed-loving, wannabe hustler Smokey in Friday made him a household name. And teaming up with Jackie Chan for the three Rush Hour films (a fourth installment is rumored to be in development), made him a certified movie star.

Chris Tucker has kept audiences rolling with laughter since the 1990s. Today, on the actor’s 50th birthday, we invite you to take a look back at his funniest onscreen moments.

Happy 50th Birthday Chris Tucker! Watch 10 Of His Funniest Onscreen Moments  was originally published on

1. Chris Tucker Got Bad Tax Advice

2. “That’s Janet Jackson!” – Friday

3. Remembering Michael Jackson

4. “Dont Talk About My Daddy” – Rush Hour

5. What If MJ Was A Pimp?

6. “Look Under the Table”

7. “This Table’s Hot!” – Rush Hour 2

8. “Dirty A– Trunk” – Jackie Brown

9. Nun Scene – Rush Hour 3

10. “Here Comes Deebo” – Friday