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Keke Palmer, Yung Miami, Issa Rae

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Have you ever looked at a celebrities’ social media page and wondered how it would be to kick it with them in real life? I know I have.When Keke Palmer posted her girl crew at Usher’s concert in Las Vegas, I wanted to be there in my black dress, singing at the top of my lungs. When Lori Harvey dropped a video of her “Barbie” girls in white dresses at a Hamptons party, I wondered where my invitation was. When Meg Thee Stallion showed her gamer side, I wanted to play the next game.

And I was down for the yacht when Issa Rae had that viral boat party with friends. It did not matter that I could only “kind of” swim. I was ready to chill with Issa and her friends on the water.

I know I’m not alone in these thoughts of kicking it with my imaginary celebrity girl crews. We’ve seen that many of these powerful, inspirational women are just like us.

Social media has allowed us to learn more about celebrities’ everyday lives through posts, comments, and stories. A glance at their pages can show how they kick it with friends, deal with break ups, new jobs, and new opportunities, and, unfortunately, even how they manage grief and loss.

While it is unfair to expect celebrities to post and display their personal lives constantly, we appreciate those that give us a peek into their experiences. This post is for them.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most genuine, entertaining, inspirational, fashionable baddies. They are our best friends in our heads – and we want them to add us to the group chat.

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1. Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer Source:Getty

Whether we want to laugh, hold a kickback at the house, or be outside and slay, Keke is our girl. She has entered motherhood with a finesse that we are inspired by and continues to lead by example. In recent months, she’s also been Queen of the Clapback. We’ve been taking notes.

2. Issa Rae

Issa Rae Source:Getty

Issa Rae – a.k.a. annual yacht party planner – continues to root for everybody black, and we love that. The “Awkward Black Girl” turned media mogul, actress, and entrepreneur consistently supports Black businesses and causes and is committed to telling authentic stories.

3. Coco Jones

Coco Jones Source:Getty

Coming into her own as a style maven and R&B artist, Coco Jones is the perfect addition to our girl crew. She’s at all the major parties. She’s working with several known artists. And Coco stays true to who she is. Just call us all “Co-captains.”

4. Monica

Monica Source:Getty

Monica Arnold, known on social media as ‘Goonica,’ is the around-the-way homegirl we love. She loves on her friends and family hard, defends those close to her, and steps out and slays every time she walks out the door. Monica seems like the friend who will “hold water but not spill the tea.”

5. NeNe Leakes

NeNe Leakes Source:Getty

Every girl crew needs a friend who will read the haters to filth. No one does this better than retired RHOA NeNe Leakes. Her most recent interview has many people talking – even us.

6. Yung Miami

Yung Miami Source:Getty

Caresha “Yung Miami” Brownlee is our good girlfriend, teaching us to “act bad” and level up. She lives by her terms, asks for what she wants, and looks good while doing it. The City Girl seems to have confirmed her official split with Diddy on Twitter/X, saying she is ready to love again. The girl crew members support Black Love and the new search.

7. Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion Source:General

Every girl crew needs a hot girl coach. Meg Thee Stallion is she. After recently dropping a week of her “hot girl boot camp,” fans are ready to sign up. Let’s go, Megan! We need Megan Thee Stallion’s knees and that hot girl body.

8. Amber Riley

Amber Riley Source:Getty

Amber Riley is our best friend because she is not afraid to speak about who she is, what she is working to achieve, and what she stands for. Amber frequently posts on social media about her health journey, her opinions on fatphobia, and her experiences in Hollywood. Her style is amazing – and her spirit matches.

9. Cardi B

Cardi B Source:Getty

Cardi B is a wild card, fighter, and fashion chameleon. Every good girl crew needs someone like her. Kulture’s mother is fiercely loyal to her family, never backs down, and doesn’t play games. She also probably has a popping closet we want to live in for a week.

10. Lori Harvey

Lori Harvey Source:Getty

Resident bae. Hot fashion “hautie”. Boss chick. We love Lori because she knows she is the prize and wants us to know we are too. This past summer, we have seen Lori enjoy Europe, her stylish wardrobe, and her new beau. We love it, Lori. Let’s plan a girl’s trip.

11. Latto

Latto Source:Getty

Our best friends must bring “Big Energy” to the group, but not many can match Latto’s. The Atlanta artist has a big personality, big dreams and goals, and big influence on the hip-hop and entertainment industry. She recently spoke to Cosmopolitan about owning her body and empowering women through her music. We are here for it.