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Funky Dineva is no stranger to controversial hot takes, but the Fox Soul host is being rightfully dragged for their latest comments about Chloe Bailey.

#BlackTwitter has Funky Dineva by the wig after the problematic pundit caught themself calling Chloe Bailey “lame” for defending her sister Halle Bailey against pregnancy rumors.

Chloe, being a protective big sister, addressed those spreading rumors about her sister Halle being pregnant by her boyfriend DDG after photos of the Little Mermaid in loose-fit clothing went viral. “Y’all better keep my sister’s name out your mouth,” she said on an Instagram Live. “Thank you. Amen, hallelujah. ‘Bout to get me riled the hell up. Anyways…”

Well, if there was one thing Funky Dineva was right about, is the backlash they are facing for making such disrespectful and distasteful comments. Chloe and Halle both seemingly responded to the internet personality who is trending on Twitter and making headlines across the web.

“I can officially say, don’t like her. Chloe Bailey is so G*ddamn lame. First of all, girl, you are Miss Preppy Ashley from the suburbs. Then you came out being all promiscuous, and now you’re trying to be a gangster. None of it is f*ckiung believable. And I’m probably gonna catch a lot of backlash for this, and without that makeup, she ain’t cute. She never should’ve shown up on that camera with that fat-a** face without no makeup, she ain’t cute. You’re not believable you’re so G*ddmn inauthentic that’s why your sh*t ain’t selling,” they negatively spewed during an episode of the popular digital talk show Tea-G-I-F hosted by Claudia Jordan and Al Reynolds.

Funky Dineva

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“Lol people be so mad at your happiness. get help,” Chloe Bailey wrote. Halle Bailey then responded, “they need help immediately.” While fans wanted the beloved sisters to go as low as Funky Dineva, they took the high road. But that hasn’t stopped #BlackTwitter from doing it for them.

Chloe sparked pregnancy rumors when she began wearing oversized clothing. Recently, she attended the Renaissance World Tour wearing a baggy pink Valentino dress.

Funky Dineva went viral in the past for making similar disparaging comments about Blue Ivy. Whether Halle is pregnant or not, that doesn’t give anyone the right to comment on her body, career or relationship nor does it give them the right to comment on her sister Chloe for defending her.

The Internet wasn’t having it then and they aren’t having it now. See what people are saying about Funky Dineva’s unnecessary comments this time around.

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