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Social media has an enormous impact on how many of its users view success. While social media metrics are based on likes and comments, it lends itself to a false perception of reality. The definition of success is not one size fits all. 

Despite what social media may feed our subconscious, success is very much subjective. It has various meanings for various people, and rightfully so. It is impossible to fit the meaning of success into a tiny box. 

To uncover some of the many facets of success, we reached out to 10 Black style bloggers for their input. Fashion is a lucrative industry that places major emphasis on the superficial aspects of life. Although these ladies are influencers in the fashion and style blogging world, they are definitely not of it. Read on to discover what success means to them.

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1. Katelynn Morris

Bold and unapologetic is an accurate description of Katelynn’s style game, and the same thing goes for her definition of success.  It’s all about self-awareness for this beauty.  

“Success means me believing in myself no matter the challenges that I face.”

2. Renae Antoinette

Renae doesn’t mind living on the edge when it comes to fashion.  However, when it comes to success…she is all about harmony.  

“Success is being able to do what makes you happy. I personally don’t equate monetary valued things as an indicator of success, yet I value the sense of peace that makes one spirit and soul sing. That’s when I’ve reached success.”

3. Raven

Raven rocks to her on tune when it comes to putting a fierce look together, and this attitude has also rubbed off in her personal life as well.  

“If this question was asked at the start of my professional career I would have said success is defined by a job title or status within a company. Now that I’m at a totally different place in my life, I realize that success is truly defined by you; not anyone else!  To me success means living on my own terms. Having the freedom to do what I love and how I choose to; comfortably. It’s living out my purpose and walking in my truth with passion and style.”

4. Leilani Mathews

Leilani stays true to her style in her eye-catching kimonos.  She believes that being genuine with fashion and life is key. 

“Success to me means doing what you love, what you’re good at (God-given talent), what you’re passionate about and being authentic while you do it.”

5. Camille

Camile’s jazzy garments are full of life.  They speak to a stylish liberation that coincides perfectly with her meaning of success.     

“For me, success means creating a life that you don’t always feel you need to escape from.  One of my primary motivators is the idea of waking up daily and spending my time pouring myself into the things and people that I love.  Success isn’t so much tied to money for me as it is tied to creating a truly joy-filled life.”

6. Tiffany

Tiffany balances mom and wife life and still finds time to don fabulous threads.  Success to her is continuing on this path while making boss moves.  

“For me, success means raising compassionate, well-read, happy humans. Success means being an example of Black excellence to my community. Success means making money in my sleep. And I’m on my way.”

7. Jen

Jen doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to sporting a chic get-up, and it’s clear she is living out the meaning of her definition of success.  

“Success is being able to do what you love every single day. This may change day to day because our tastes and goals change but as long as you are truly happy with what you are doing, you’re successful.”

8. Acacia

Acacia’s fashion choices are inspiring.  If you are in need of some outfit inspiration, she is your go-to girl….and apparently, being inspiration is what makes this queen successful.  

“Success for me is not monetary. Success is the joy I feel when I receive messages from women around the world, who share that my fashion blog inspires them to step out of their comfort zone and to live out loud!”

9. Abiodun

Abiodun’s style is relentless.  Just when you think she’s taking a break from serving snazzy looks, she hits you with another one.  This doll doesn’t slack when it comes to fashion or life – no matter the obstacles.    

“Success to me is not avoiding failure because if you do, you also avoid success. Keep moving. Make mistakes, but don’t quit.”

10. Chioma B.

If Chioma’s colorful wardrobe is an indicator of her life then one thing is for certain – she is living boldly and unapologetically! She mixes and matches patterns like a pro.  She does style her way, and her liberation in fashion most definitely corresponds with her definition of success.  

“Success looks very different to me in this season as an entrepreneur and content creator. My definition of success is having the freedom to choose what’s important to me and how I spend my time, share my talents, and what projects I pursue. Success also means that I lift others as I climb.”