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A Healthy Remix: The Trick To Making Your Fave Cocktails Skinny  was originally published on

1. Drink Up! Slim Down!

Drink Up! Slim Down!

If you prefer bar hopping over actual hopping to lose inches, then the good news is you don’t have to ditch your favorite cocktails to keep things tight and trimmed. I may not be a mixologist, but I know that if you mix things up, the next time you order a mixed drink, your waistline will thank you for it later.

2. Watch Out For This Whiskey Ginger

Watch Out For This Whiskey Ginger

Apparently when one enters her third decade she loves whiskey? Well, that is the case for me girl, however instead of ordering the traditional whiskey ginger when I’m out I whip up this low cal version at home. Juiced ginger, agave, seltzer and whiskey. Oh, and a little cinnamon when I really want to spice things up. Try it!

3. The Teeny Apple Martini

The Teeny Apple Martini

If you are a fan of this lime green cocktail, then do yourself a solid and health-ify this baby. Skip the green apple schnapps and use real green apples instead. I juice a couple, add a fruity flavored vodka and I promise you, it tastes like the real deal. Only way less calories.

4. FitGirl Margarita-ville

FitGirl Margarita-ville

Triple sec is the mixer known for it’s sweet and sour flavor. But like those qualities suggest, this mix in is certain to sour your FitGirl efforts with all the sweetness it has. So pass on this and make your own and shake up your margaritas with fresh squeezed lime juice, orange juice and a teensy bit of agave. Hola! Add the tequila and pass the salsa already!

5. A Pina Colada That Costs You Nada

A Pina Colada That Costs You Nada

This poolside adult beverage can easily make you want to stay in your cover up, considering how many calories it has. So ditch the high calorie pre-mixed concoction from the grocery store and mix coconut water frozen pineapples and non fat Greek yogurt with your rum instead. Hello half the calories.

6. Gin & Tonic Sans Tons Of Calories

Gin & Tonic Sans Tons Of Calories

Tonic may be your preferred mixer when it comes to gin, but know that this choice comes with tons of calories too. Tonic has sugar in it, so add the bubbly by opting for either Sprite Zero or Diet 7 up instead. Not into artificial sweeteners? Do a little honey or agave mixed with soda water. Cheers!

7. Sangria Worth Sangin’ About

Sangria Worth Sangin’ About

Speaking of wine, if you like your fermented grapes with fruit on the bottom, then try this easy and quick swap – instead of fruit, fruit juice and club soda (which is in most restaurant versions) use the frozen version of your favorite fruit instead. Dropping a few frozen strawberries and blueberries in your wine can so help you drop pounds!

8. Lighten Things Up, Wine Not

Lighten Things Up, Wine Not

Wine is fine, but after four or so glasses you might as well have ordered the chocolate cake. So next time you are on your Friday night wine-o flow alternate the real deal with it’s first cousin the spritzer. Just mix equal portions of your favorite flavored seltzer with your favorite vino and save that other half of the bottle for another night.

9. Guilt Free Vodka Soda

Guilt Free Vodka Soda

When trying to cut calories, this cocktail is our go-to girls. However, the word soda can be confusing if you aren’t clear what soda you’re referring to. The battle is club soda v. soda water. The first has sugar and 124 calories (per 12 ounce serving) while the latter is sugar and calorie free. So split the difference and save a few calories by ordering this popular drink half club soda half soda water.

10. Punch It Up A Notch With This Rum Punch

Punch It Up A Notch With This Rum Punch

Dutty wining is more fun with a glass of Rum Punch in one hand, however make your next reggae dance party totally count as a workout by cutting some of the sweet stuff out. Instead of using high sugar fruit punch use fresh cold pressed juice or muddled berries instead. Bye bye half the calories.

11. Get The Most Out Of Your Mimosa

Get The Most Out Of Your Mimosa

Okay mimosas aren’t so bad when it comes to cocktails, however if you are “bottomless brunching it” on Sundays only to find that it took close to a dozen glasses to feel a buzz, then chances are those babies were mostly OJ. So next time do yourself a solid and use fresh orange slices instead. I literally muddle them up in the bottom of a glass, add champagne and serve.