Because walking into street signs, bumping your head, and then losing it on paparazzi will always be funny. That’s why. 

Remember Antoine “Hide Ya Kids” Dodson? After starring in one of the most memorable YouTube videos of all time, he has now publicly renounced homosexuality. After this past week with NBA star Jason Collins coming out of the closet, Dodson has gone the other way, saying he has always been attracted to the “art of a […]

When you’re the reigning queen of pop music, certain things backstage have to be a certain way. The current queen, Beyonce is no different. Some may think it’s outrageous (special alkaline water that’s served at exactly 21 degrees, she will only use red toilet paper, etc.) , but it’s pretty much par for the course. For […]

Movie star Halle Berry is pregnant again…at age 47! This will be her second child, joining five-year-old daughter Nahla. You can read the details here. (Side note: She’s FORTY SEVEN?)

Famous (?) singer Ray J. has released a new single: ‘I Hit It First’, an obvious diss at former sex tape partner Kim Kardashian. Ray, who largely has built his “career” off of being R&B singer Brandy Norwood’s younger brother, and from making a sex tape w/Kim Kardashian is currently making a music video purportedly […]

This past Friday rapper Lil’ Wayne was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles  after suffering multiple seizures.  According to online site TMZ.com, he was administered the last rites. That has not been confirmed or denied, but what can be confirmed is the rapper had his stomach pumped THREE times to remove the contents of sizzurp […]

The FBI has released it files on Whitney Houston. Apparently, she was the target of a $100,000 extortion attempt in 1992. Read about it by clicking here.

FLOTUS Michelle Obama made a surprise cameo appearance at last night’s 66th annual Academy Awards ceremony. She appeared via satellite to present the Best Picture Award to the movie “Argo”, with an assist from screen legend Jack Nicholson. You can read about it here.

Kanye West is at it again. Now he’s taking aim at his ‘mentor’ Jay-Z. It seems he doesn’t take too kindly to Jay doing songs with Justin Timberlake (he hates “Suit and Tie”), and he’s got his always thoughtful comments about their upcoming tour. You can read about here.

On Saturday February 16th, the hottest superstar in the world Beyonce, debuted her self-directed documentary, Life Is But A Dream. These are 10 things we learned about her from that interview.

  ‘Rescue Me’ singer Fontella Bass passed away on Thursday December 27th at the age of 72 after suffering complications from a heart attack three weeks ago. Ms. Bass co-wrote the million selling “Rescue Me’ in 1965, and it went to #1 on the R&B charts, and #4 on the pop charts. In the process, […]

Again Katt Williams? The famed comedian (or arrestee) was arrested again earlier today for child endangerment. You have to wonder, where and how does it end? You can read about his latest misadventures here.