Civil Rights & Social Justice

Following a longstanding lawsuit that saw Toni Morrison's historic book 'The Bluest Eye' taken off shelves at libraries throughout the Missouri School District, a lawsuit from the American Civil Liberties Union has now resulted in the book being returned to its rightful place. 

Critics say Missouri Senate Bill 666 (yes, really) -- dubbed the "Make Murder Legal Act" -- would shield killers from prosecution and protect the "lynching of Black men."

A 25-year-old Black woman from England experienced racism in the workplace the hard way after catching her white coworkers at a management company making all sorts of prejudice generalizations about the way Black people smell and the haircare practices of Black woman specifically.

It’s well known in the Black community that certain styles of dress, particularly styles created by us, are stigmatized as “thuggish,” “ghetto” or otherwise unbecoming. For example: Around the time Trayvon Martin‘s killing was heavily in the news, there was a national side-discussion around whether or not young Black men were doing themselves any favors […]

Here's to the art of wordplay and celebrating the beautiful black history quotes and passages that represent the craft of colloquy. Inside are five of the most beautifully written quotes, poems, or passages from black history.

It appears a new bill is being pushed in Florida that will prohibit schools and businesses from causing what's described as "discomfort" for white people when addressing past discrimination by way of Critical Race Theory, that is if Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has his way.

The Amazon-owned supermarket chain Whole Foods is doubling down on its policy banning workers from wearing masks emblazoned with the phrase, "Black Lives Matter."

The family of Jason Walker, an unarmed Black man who was shot and killed by off-duty police officer Jeffrey Hash, has retained civil rights attorney Ben Crump following the questionable shooting in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

One of the most fascinating aspects of Sidney Poitier’s career was his political and racial symbolism and how, in many ways, his screen life intertwined with that of the civil rights movement – and Martin Luther King himself.

After carefully listening to arguments from both sides, Superior Court Judge Timothy Walmsley ruled that all three men who murdered Murdered Ahmaud Arbery will get life in prison.

Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer, pleaded guilty this Wednesday to federal charges that he violated George Floyd’s civil rights. Suprisingly, Chauvin also admitted guilt to a separate instance in case where he used similar tactic on a 14 year old in  September 2017. He also in that case, initially pleaded not guilty. Chauvin, […]