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We all know that McDonalds is not the most health conscious of restaurant choices but everyone eats it. There are McDonalds all over the world from New York to Japan. Our children know how to ask for a Happy Meal before they know how to say their ABC’s aloud.  We have all saw the documentaries about McDonald’s and how it makes our children fat, lazy.  Yet we still eat it.

Oh but it gets even creepier.  Sallie Davies, a New York artist and photographer, decided to buy a McDonald’s Happy Meal, set it out on a plate in her East Village apartment, and document its gradual decay (or lack thereof).She reports that there was also no aroma coming from the food. “The top bun is very dry and a small part snapped off,” Davies said. “The burger shrank as it dried out, but nothing much else.” This is after 180 days people.

Scientists from multiple universities have explained that the indestructible nature of the fast foods on Davies’ plate could be for various reasons. Noting additional factors that could be contributing to their lack of moisture: high fat content, and plenty of salt (a natural preservative).“Anything that is high in fat will be low in moisture,” Washington State University professor Barry Swanson told

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So, we all know that McDonald’s isn’t healthy so why do we feed it to our kids? We know that the food has the deteriorationtime of watching paint dry yet, we introduce it to our kids. We can’t blame the kids for eating it. As parents, we are in control of their diet. Sure the kid might cry and pout over wanting McDonalds but it is the responsibility of the parents to say “no”. Also, the kids will not know about McDonalds or have a chance to get hooked to it until the parents introduce it to them. They have no idea what McDonalds is until the parent sticks that first french fry into their mouths.

After a long day of work, some parents are too tired to cook so McDonald’s and other fast food restaurants are the easy solution. Regardless of how it affects their children. At the moment, that is not a priority to them. They just want their kids fed.

It seems that there is nothing that McDonalds can do to stop people from eating it or feeding it to their kids. There have been various reports and documentaries explaining that McDonald’s is addictive yet we still feed it to our children. In some households McDonald’s and other fast food restaurants are staples in a child’s diet. Some kids barely eat a home cooked meal.

Would you ever consider taking fast food out of your kids diet?


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