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Now that summer is officially over and we’re transitioning into fall, this is the perfect time to organize your closet and find out exactly what needs to stay or go.

A good rule of thumb is, if you have not worn an item in a year, then get rid of it. If you went through all four seasons and it didn’t leave the house, then it’s unlikely you will wear it in the future.

Here are some tips from the folks over at

1. Matching Hangers – Use matching hangers. They not only look better, but also take up less space. Huggable or slimline hangers are preferable, as they are thin; and even slippery items stay neatly in place.

2. Acquire Appropriate Storage Containers – You don’t always have to get rid of everything to de-clutter. By acquiring the appropriate storage containers, you can become more organized and save space. Try items like scarf and belt hangers, multi-item pant or skirt hangers, fabric boxes, or plastic storage containers. Reisenthal makes beautiful collapsible boxes that are great for storing things in your closet; and they can easily be left on display. Clear containers make it easy to see what’s inside. Keep everything as visible as possible; since out of sight means out of mind

3. Sort By Type – Hang clothes by item type and then by color. For example, group together all tanks tops, short-sleeve shirts, long-sleeve shirts, pants, skirts and so on. It’s also best to hang by length. Fold sweaters, jeans, and delicates.

4. Only Seasonable Items In Closet – If you have a small closet but have another storage area, it’s best to put the out of season items in a secondary location. If that is not an option, put the current season’s items in the most accessible area.



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