Shout out to Nas… he’s launching a Black History Month-inspired collection of his HSTRY apparel brand.

One college kid is getting death threats after creating and selling hoodies that display racially charged statements.

Queen Beyonce continues to give us reasons to keep her trending on social media. Check out this promo that gives us a glimpse at the fashion she’s about to present with her new ‘Ivy Park’ clothing line. #GetWright @MsMichelWright

There’s no hesitation to show love to any person or group who is an up and coming entrepreneur. Here is a new DC brand that should be spreading world wide very soon. They have shirts and styles for everyone. Check out the merchandise right on their website. Don’t Be A Bama

Frugalistas!  Shopping cheap isn’t necessarily saving you money.  In most cases, you get what you pay for.  Short of amazing thrift and consignment finds, end of the season and going out of business sales, shopping cheap translates to purchasing disposable clothing.  Disposable clothing are those items that hold up for one or two washes or maybe a season, if […]

About a week or so ago, I woke up feeling spontaneous and sexy, so much so that I made the decision to wear a dress–a spandex body con type dress to be exact. While I’ve always been pretty on point attention-wise, being in New York, my attention has become much more keen and alert. Needless […]

A professional woman spends about $25,000 – or an average of $53 per pair of shoes in her lifetime, according to Daily Express. So why would you just throw or stuff your shoes in a closet? Fewer trips to the store and less cash out of your pocket should be enough to make you want […]

Naturi Naughton formerly of girl group 3LW is definitely on the come-up…She scored and bared her body playing Lil Kim in “Notorious,” then she sang her way through the re-make of Fame, and now she is guest starring in one of television’s most popular hit shows “Mad Men”! Naturi told Black Voices how she got […]

Now that summer is officially over and we’re transitioning into fall, this is the perfect time to organize your closet and find out exactly what needs to stay or go. A good rule of thumb is, if you have not worn an item in a year, then get rid of it. If you went through […]

Consider it the worst type of fashion blunder: Your favorite items could be at fault for otherwise-unexplained breakouts and rashes, according to Marie Claire‘s resident dermatologist and psychiatrist, Dr. Amy Wechsler. 1. METAL AWARENESS If you’ve ever noticed an itchy, red rash on your earlobes, the nickel in your everyday earrings could be the culprit; […]

Tennis great Venus Williams have been getting flak for her revealing outfits on the tennis courts.  Venus has worn outfits that resemble lingerie and nude shorts that made her look like she was going commando.