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In the adventures of Kat Stacks land, drama developed between her, LaLa Vasquez and Carmelo Anthony. It all began when Stacks sent out a tweet to Anthony questioning whether “he tasted like Carmel”.  Carmelo initially responded but wife LaLa had to jump in to have her man’s back and let Stacks know that “ I ain’t the one. I’m only going to tell you one time.” Kat Stacks being Kat Stacks got her engines revved up and retaliated with her own tweet. The drama then continued to unfold as only tweet-beef can.

Kat Stacks and her rat flavored voodoo always seems to work on people. This woman is a walking, talking ashtray who thrives on being messy.  Why would you allow yourself to become infused with her drama in any manner? The best decision that Lala and Carmelo could have made would have been to completely ignore her tweets. Act as if they never were seen and continue to behave as if this woman does not exist.

It is the only way that she will lose her power. At this point she is grasping for straws and desperate to keep her name in our mouths and images of her in our thoughts. She wants us to Google her and her weekly editions of her special breed of foolery. By me even writing about this, sadly I have contributed to the Kat Stacks energy fund.

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On another note, when is it ever appropriate for a woman to step in and go on the attack over her man? I tend to lean towards the idea that LaLa reacted too soon and should have left it alone once Carmelo responded to her. It annoys me when I see women ready to go into cat fight mode over a man who often is not worth the drama. I’m not implying that Carmelo is not worth the drama, but there are plenty of men who are not.  Especially in this case, because Carmelo and Lala are married, which in one instance makes Kat Stacks even more disrespectful.  In another instance it makes her equally irrelevant. LaLa already has the ring on her finger and she will not be replaced by Kat Stacks. I’m fairly positive of that.  Once Carmelo made his statement to Stacks, Lala and Carmelo should have went on ignoring her. There was no need for LaLa to break out the claws at that point.  Lala only put more energy into the situation.

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Do you agree with the way Lala handled things? Should a woman be the first to check the other woman or should the man? Should the woman check the woman approaching her man even after her man has dismissed her?

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