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Source: Francesca Andres

Johanne Brierre used her decades of experience in the hospitality industry to ignite her passion for uniting creatives and small business owners together. Between her experience organizing networking events and passion for community building, she was prepared to enter the next chapter in her career: creator of BKLYNcommons, a co-working space run by entrepreneurs, and NYBeautySuites, a workspace for beauty businesses to service their clients.

Brooklyn is the Mecca of creativity, birthing historic rappers, artists, fashion trends, restaurants, businesses, and more. In a borough where the talent is limitless, opportunities to develop and build community with like-minded people can become cumbersome. Brierre saw the need and put her hospitality expertise to the test. She knew that beyond creating a space for entrepreneurs, she needed to keep the ever-evolving Brooklyn neighborhoods involved in her vision.

Johanne Brierre creates space for your business to thrive

Johanne Brierre - Women Making History

Source: Courtesy of BKLYNcommons

“With my business partner, we built BKLYNcommons into Brooklyn’s premier destination for small businesses, creators and gig workers to start and scale their start up ventures,” she tells me in an exclusive interview. 

“I have a passion for creating spaces that not only foster connections but also empower entrepreneurs to flourish and make an impact in their neighborhoods,” she says.

Creating space is a talent that often goes unrecognized. We live in a world where people want to belong to something and have a sense of community. It is in these spaces that growth, development, and progress can occur. Brierre’s desire to bridge the gap and create a solution to help entrepreneurs thrive continues to fuel her mission.

“It’s about ensuring that even as our neighborhoods evolve, these vital forces of innovation and community spirit have the access and opportunities they need to flourish without being edged out. The chance to make a real impact in their communities and to stand as a pillar of support during these transitions fills me with an indescribable sense of pride. Seeing the vibrant energy of young entrepreneurs and small businesses come alive within the nurturing confines of our spaces is nothing short of magical,” she says.

Community is one of the core values of BKLYNcommons. Brierre acknowledges her professional network for contributing to the continued success of her vision. “This network isn’t just a group of contacts—it’s a community of mentors, leaders, and allies who not only advocate for me but also truly believe in and recognize the impact of my work,” she says.

The evolution continues

The beauty industry took a massive hit in 2020 when COVID-19 caused entrepreneurs to close the doors to their brick-and-mortar locations. Small businesses that depended on in-person services lost revenue because of social distancing. Again, Brierre’s ears perked up at the opportunity to expand her business to help beauty businesses stay afloat.

“Combining business acumen and creativity, we’ve built a supportive community and made a significant economic impact on the local economy,” she says. “In response to the COVID-19 shutdowns devastating the beauty industry, which severely destabilized many of these small micro businesses, I launched NYBeautySuites. Providing workspaces for beauty entrepreneurs quickly became a vital resource amidst the chaos.”

Johanne Brierre - Women Making History

Source: Courtesy of BKLYNcommons

NYbeautysuites houses estheticians, nail technicians, spiritual shops and more. Entrepreneurs invite their clientele in for services within BKLYNcommons business hours.

“NYbeautysuites has since grown into a thriving community at two locations in Brooklyn, offering more than just workspaces; it’s a community fostering growth and connection, where ambition is shared and nurtured,” she continues.

Brierre’s dedication to small businesses doesn’t stop there. The entrepreneur just launched a pilot co-retailing project named Common Ground Marketplace, in partnership with three women entrepreneurs to help local makers. “Our aim is to craft a space that supports independent artists, beautypreneurs, and creative minds in search of a platform to display and sell their creations. By providing a variety of handmade goods from local makers and creators, we offer an alternative to conventional retail environments,” she says.

This presents an opportunity for creatives with products to have a larger consumer reach, build a community, and network with like-minded talent.

Dream big or go home

Brierre couldn’t have created her businesses without a vivid vision and a bit of inner guidance. “I consider myself a powerful manifestor, holding the belief that my dreams can transform into reality through intuition,” she says.

Allowing her intuition to lead the way, the entrepreneur approaches business decisions with a leveled head, open mind, and a desire to learn from everyone she encounters. “In this journey, I am always learning, and constantly upgrading my skills and deepening my knowledge to stay ahead in this ever-evolving industry and tech landscape. For instance, I found myself learning from my plumber about the gallons of water used per minute for each customer, per hour, per sink—it’s this level of curiosity that keeps me engaged and always expanding my understanding,” she tells me.

Johanne Brierre - Women Making History

Source: Francesca Andres 

Managing a variety of entrepreneurs with different personalities is another one of Brierre’s skills. Her working formula and business model have proven to be successful, and that’s because she recognizes the importance of managing her emotions. “My decisions are crafted with strategy, steering clear of being swayed by personal emotions. Years of self-work and development have been dedicated to ensuring that my emotions are not the driving force behind my decisions, whether in my personal life or business,” she says.

Because Brierre’s vision continues to grow, there’s no telling what she will create next. Her mission to curate safe and prosperous spaces for business owners has provided entrepreneurs with increased visibility and clientele, thus enabling them to succeed.

“Success is all about the choices we make every day. The road of entrepreneurship can be rough, with its fair share of challenges. But remember, anything worth achieving requires persistence and sacrifices. Don’t forget to take care of yourself, especially your mental health, along the way,” she advises.

You can learn more about BKLYNcommons here, NYBeautySuites here, and you can follow Johanne here.


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