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Frederick Douglass (1818-1895), American Social Reformer, Abolitionist and Statesman, Half-Length Seated Portrait, C. M. Battey, 1895

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It’s that time of the week again here on The Amanda Seales Show where we cut up for a bit and give a barometer reading of sorts on, well, how Black we’re feeling today.

The choices this week will without question have you cracking up!

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While Amanda was feeling a bit Frederick Douglass — we’ll let her explain that one herself! — TJ was more in her Viola Davis bag today. However, we think Supreme might take the proverbial cake this week with his pick, as he chose to go with somewhat of a “diff’rent stroke” with the fictional fave Arnold Jackson-Drummond.

Get a laugh at the explanations behind this week’s “How Black We Feel Today” choices here on The Amanda Seales Show:




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