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It’s time for The Huggy Lowndown Report! Today Huggy has something to say to women on Valentine’s Day! Listen to his full PSA below.

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What’s the Dill Pickles?! Is everything kosher? Vic, Valentine’s Day, falling on hump day. It’s like Cupid’s throwing a Hail Mary touchdown pass. Finally something for the fellas too afraid to ask the ladies behind the mask, many men are forced to wear every year after ordering appetizers, drinks, entrees, drinks, dessert, drinks at dinner. Then women want to give you the kick like a youthful Kid’N’Play. Hey, ladies, it ain’t all about you today boo! Show your dates the same love you were showing that filet mignon and Don Perion on IG live then told Mysterio to “Move out the way, you’re messing up my stories”, but nope, not today. I’m expecting some reciprocation pay every year some Jada makes a Will say “keep my wife name…” and slap, crackle, rock like it’s okay.

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How come we can’t get no 50 Shades of Grey on Valentine’s Day? No pleasure like Chick-fil-A on Sunday. How come you ordered another entree like it’s a brother at home named Andre. I’m not three stacks! Sorry, Miss Jackson. You’re better off asking a flautist to play “All about the Benjamins” on Valentine’s Day. How come women went direct deposit and put all love on layaway on Valentine’s Day? This is a Valentine’s Day PSA, brothers be ware. Women don’t care how many balloons you bought. One dozen roses know this. If she don’t want you to stay, she’ll bring up how she’s in a monthly way. After she finished her surf and turf work. You rather not say have your ass back at the crib early watching Kat on Club Shay Shay on Valentine’s Day. And that’s as close as you’re going get! That’s why you call it the hump day party on Valentine’s Day. And that’s not OK. Women make your men feel special, like before you were married and your first born was conceived in the back of that Chevrolet. It’s pre petty Thursday on Valentine’s Day. Enjoy your day. 

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