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There’s a reason Michael Jackson is, was and forever will be known as the King of Pop.

And, judging by early reactions to a sneak peek at Jackson’s eagerly anticipated concert-rehearsal documentary ‘This Is It,’ that reason will be on full, moon-walking display when the film hits theaters across the globe for a limited two-week run on Oct. 28.

This week, critics were treated to 12 minutes of footage from the top-secret doc that shows MJ rigorously preparing for a comeback concert series entitled ‘This Is It,’ which was to have kicked off at London’s O2 Arena a mere two weeks after the pop star’s death. And those 12 minutes were all it took to get critics psyched out of their minds.

According to The New York Daily News, the brief glimpse “shows the King of Pop in regal form, mapping out dance moves while confidently singing his classic songs,” and depicts two song-and-dance numbers that “firmly establish Jackson as a performer still in control of his talents in the last days of his life.”

The numbers depicted are the 1983 ballad ‘Human Nature,’ in which Jackson employs, in the words of the Daily News, “his falsetto vocal with the sweet grace of his youth,” and an up-tempo rendition of 1987’s ‘The Way You Make Me Feel,’ a flashy number set against a backdrop of the New York City skyline and featuring Jackson utilizing such iconic MJ moves as the finger-snap and his patented twirl.

Ticket presales for ‘This Is It’ have dominated online retailers such as Fandango and Moviefone for weeks now — already more than recouping Sony the $60 million it paid for rights to the film. With insiders predicting that the film could gross $250 million worldwide in its first five days, there’s not doubt ‘This Is It’ will be big. The only question is: How big?

Call us crazy, but we’re going to go with … gargantuan.


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