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Brian McKnight has been in the news and not for his amazing voice. The award-winning singer has been accused of praising his Step-children while ignoring his own blood. While both McKnight and his biological kids have acknowledged that their relationship has been broken over the past years, the pain of not having their fathers in their lives must be unbearable for Brian Jr., Briana, Niko, and Clyde.




And how does the “Back At One” singer really feel?

Russ got a message from a listener who is dealing with some of the same issues that are possibly going on with McKnight and his family.

Russ paraphrases his message from a female listener about her ex-husband, saying “he has moved on and married another woman and she came with her own kids. He is constantly treating his stepchildren better than his children. He’s basically ignored his main children and she says I have a 13-year-old son that just cannot understand it and he’s depressed about it. It’s like the daddy is pretty petty and I’m not saying Brian McKnight is, but you can use your own judgment, you know, just putting things on social media and looking at the brand-new car he bought his stepson and all these other things. And these kids don’t even get the time of the day from her husband. And she wants to know how she can navigate that.”




In this week’s “Get Into It With Pruitt,” our resident Life Coach, Robert Pruitt gives advice on what could be a touchy subject when it comes to a blended family.


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