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Planning a trip can be stressful! Figuring out the best time to go, planning the itinerary for when you get there and of course booking the flight can all get overwhelming!

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When booking a flight it’s always first priority to get the best price! Make sure when you’re searching for flights use an “incognito” browser window so that way while the websites are tracking your search they won’t raise the price based off of traffic search. Also looking for a direct flight is the easiest and faster way to get to your destination but if you aren’t on a time constraint, consider choosing a route with a layover.

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A layover will allow you to spend time in another city, state or country essentially without an extra cost. Layovers can range from an hour to 24 hours and sometimes longer.  Below are some of the perks that may come with choosing a flight with a layover depending on the airline you fly with. (Not all perks are guaranteed)

  1. Explore a new city, state or country
  2. Add another stamp on your passport (if you’re layover is long enough and you can leave the airport)
  3. Take a break from being on the plane
  4. Try new foods
  5. Relax in a lounge or even take a shower
  6. Free hotel stay
  7. Free transportation to and from the airport

I recently spent 12 hours in Morocco for a layover from D.C. to Dakar, Senegal. My cousin and I flew with Royal Air Marac. Checkout our trip in the video below and let me know your favorite countries for a layover.



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