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What’s Your Point With Russ Parr & Armstrong Williams

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After 15 voting sessions, Congressman Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) is now the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Now, taking a look at the Republican agenda, items like the IRS, Social Security, and Medicare are at the forefront. But Hunter Biden’s laptop is a major talking point with the GOP.

In today’s What’s Your Point, Russ Parr and Armstrong Williams give their views from the right and left sides. Are double standards at play here? The two men discuss.












RUSS: Alright, let’s start off right off the bat, the Republicans finally got Kevin McCarthy the speakership and I’m looking at the agenda, the things that they’re talking about doing, and I want to find out if you align with some of these things that they’re doing, like getting rid of Medicare and Social Security. These are some of the things that they want to be put forward. They want to investigate Hunter Biden. Are these things that you think are just like real tabletop issues?

ARMSTRONG: They’re important issues. Hunter Biden is corrupt. I went to the laptop which took me months. What’s on that laptop? It’s damning. It’s betrayal. It’s a double standard. If it were Donald, Jr and Eric Trump you and the world with all over it, so we should hold everyone to the same standards.

RUSS: What about Jared Kushner who leaves office and he cuts a billion-dollar deal with the Saudis?

ARMSTRONG: That should be investigated.

RUSS: OK, listen, that’s fair. Here’s what I don’t understand. I just don’t understand why you want to investigate that, but we have so many other issues. Do you believe that Social Security should be abolished or revamped? What is your position on that?

ARMSTRONG: It has to be revamped Social Security, and Medicare because it’s going bankrupt. They will run out and people will suffer the consequences of these issues that need to be dealt with. And while you talk about these issues, there are other issues that are equally important. The Chinese Communist Party, high energy costs, the crisis at the border, not giving another $90 billion to the IRS. Maybe abolishing the IRS and resorting to a consumption tax where you only pay tax on things you bought at food, grocery stores and other places. I mean, those are real issues that Americans care about, and he also promised here would be held at the US, Mexico border. These are things that people care about. Those are other issues of sideshows. Let’s not get away from the bigger issues and the bigger agenda of the new GOP leadership.

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