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When one thinks of the day shift, they may think, nine to five, benefits, clocking in and clocking out. That’s all about to change come August 12th when Netflix releases its latest film, Day Shift

The action film directed by J.J. Perry, formerly known as a heralded 30-plus-year career stuntman, chronicles the life of a blue-collar dad. Working as a pool cleaner in San Fernando Valley, Bud Jablonski played by Jamie Foxx, simply hopes to provide a good life for his adorable, witty daughter Paige (Zion Broadnax). More than anything, he wants to keep his sorta-kinda estranged wife Jocelyn (Meagan Good) happy by any means necessary. But, it’s not the easiest task as his business as a pool cleaner is a front for his actual career: slaying vampires. 

Bud isn’t exactly Buffy The Vampire Slayer, but that’s what makes the movie brilliant. Well, that and his unique bromance with Seth, the nerdy-by-the-book union rep brought to life by Dave Franco, and the surprisingly badass Snoop Dogg, who plays Big John, a legendary vampire hunter. We would never put these three together in a million years, but Perry obviously knew it would be magic because it is comedy gold. Perry said, “Snoop is a California cultural icon. Big John is partly based on my platoon sergeant in the army, a tall, lean guy with charisma and swagger. I let Snoop know that I was interested in him as the person and actor, not his iconic celebrity because I felt there was some untapped talent he could bring to the character. We’ve beefed up his role so we can see Foxx and Dogg tear up the screen together.”

Karla Souza also brought the magic as the perfect blood-thirsty vampire villain. In her role as Audrey, she was willing to do whatever to take up space. The actress said. “I really enjoyed the film’s diversity of cast and characters and appreciated that I was able to speak some Spanish for this role. It helps underline the premise of Audrey belonging to a vampire clan from Central America that moved northward centuries ago and settled in the Valley.” 

We had the amazing opportunity to preview the film and speak with Jamie Foxx, Dave Franco, and Karla Souza at the Miami screening. The star-studded cast held nothing back as we talked about what attracted them to their roles, how they define style and why family is important now more than ever.

Stream Day Shift on Netflix today to see how some jobs really go for the throat.



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