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One thing about the fans of famous people: Many of them think their love of a celebrity entitles them to a personal connection with said celeb and an opinion on their personal life.

At this point, all the Kim and Kanye stans need to get over the fact that their favorite power couple is likely doner than done. Despite Kanye West‘s attempt to woo Kim Kardashian back into his arms from the stage, Kim clearly wants out and has filed the proper paperwork to declare her legally single. She’s also apparently in a relationship with actor and comedian Pete Davidson.

That last thing apparently as one fan deep in his feelings—so much so that he recorded himself stepping far out of the “mind your MF business” lane to approach Kardashian and Davidson with an unsolicited hot take he likely believed should have been delivered on tablets by Moses himself: “Yo Kim, Kanye’s way better, I’m not even gon’ hold you.”

No, sir, but you should have held your tongue and kept on walking—much like Kim and her new bae did rather than give you the attention you so desperately craved.

Not only did the lamest lame whoever lamed fail to get the rise out of Kardashian he was looking for, but he only succeeded in getting himself dragged by the fine folks on Twitter.

To be fair, there were also a few unfortunate souls who appeared to project their own crushes on the Donda rapper by expressing their agreement that he was, indeed, better for Kim.

But for the most part, if the borderline stalker fan who approached Kim and Pete happened to read the thread under the video, he would see that his impromptu relationship intervention wasn’t received as the viral flex he thought it was.

Get a life, good people—your faves don’t care what you think about who they date. 

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