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Kanye West and Drake held a whole concert, that streamed on Amazon, in support of Larry Hoover. Needless to say, the Fed ain’t feeling two A-list rappers supporting the founder of the Gangster Disciples, who is serving six life sentences, by the way.


Since his arrest for a murder, Hoover claims he is reformed, and many think his sentence is OD. But the Ops are annoyed because they think the OG shouldn’t be anyone’s inspiration.

Reports TMZ:

One federal law enforcement source — who is connected to Hoover’s case — tells TMZ … prosecutors are “surprised” to see Drizzy and Ye throwing so much support behind the #FreeLarryHoover movement, considering the facts of his case.

For those not in the know … Hoover was convicted and sentenced for an Illinois murder in 1973. He wasn’t the triggerman, but prosecutors said he directed the shooting of a man he accused of stealing from his gang. Hoover is credited with founding Chicago’s infamous Gangster Disciples.

While he was serving 150-200 years for the murder, the feds stepped in to indict and convict Hoover for drug conspiracy, extortion and engaging in organized crime. In 1997, he started serving 6 life sentences in a federal Supermax prison.

TMZ parroting the rhetoric of the Ops? Call us shocked #sarcasm.

And, are the Feds going to look over who got over-sentenced and start freeing people themselves? Don’t hold your breath.

But seriously, read up on Larry Hoover and make your own conclusions.

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