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Young woman holding her head and screaming

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After Mary Ann  Lannon’s roommate continuously blasts the 1978 Chic hit “Le Freak” night after night in their apartment, this Florida woman’s ‘freak out’ to stop the music landed her in jail.

Mary Ann Lannon, a Florida woman was charged for beating her cousin who is also her roommate, for repeating “Le Freak” night after night in their apartment in the Tampa Bay area. Lannon “became upset” and freaked out from the song being played extremely loud and repeatedly. Mary Ann pushed her cousin into a “makeshift tiki bar,” which broke on impact, and then caused her to “strike her left eye on a speaker,” according to an arrest affidavit. The victim (roommate/cousin), who has lived with Lannon for the past five years, suffered “severe swelling and bruising to the left eye”.

Mary Ann who is 53 years old was charged with a domestic battery misdemeanor, for attacking her roommate who is 64 years old. Mary Ann was released from county jail soon after but was ordered to have no contact with her cousin.