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B. Robert Moore

Source: B. Robert Moore / B. Robert Moore

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. America began observing mental health in 1949 thanks to the mental health advocacy organization, Mental Health America. Now more than ever and with thousands of Americans silently suffering from mental health issues, it is important to spread awareness about the effects trauma and life changes may have on our mental health. This self-taught Black multidisciplinary contemporary artist, B. Robert Moore, dropped the first merchandise and art release of a mental health awareness series through these noteworthy and iconic cartoons.

Moore is an artist known for his expression of the Black experience and utilizing art as a form of therapy. He launched this collection of three pieces that further explore the concept of his most recent series, “Imagine a World; Brown Like Me,” where he reimagines characters form the legendary cartoons notably missing Brown representation that fans longed for throughout their childhoods. The extended collection debuts three pieces titled, “Self Love,” “I Got You,” and “Here To Listen.” Moore created new versions of the famed Peanuts cartoons giving the characters Brown skin with a visible ode to mental health needs and listening ears.

The best part about the exclusive merch and art release is that a percentage of each sale will go towards an organization that focuses on mental health within the Black community. Moore has committed to donating 25% to an organization of his choice, which will pour back into Black people battling mental health issues.

Moore’s work is personal to him as a recovering alcoholic and addict. His art became a form of therapy for him to escape the troubles of his past. The talented artist finds fulfillment when he’s able to tap into his creativity, which ultimately enhances his overall mental health. This collection is near and dear to him as he expresses, “Mental health is critical to not only survive, but thrive. For me, I needed to make my mental health a priority to counter unhealthy habits that were forming from neglecting my mental health.”

The first drop of the series is “Self Love,” which showcases the famed Peanuts’ character Lucy Van Pelt behind a lemonade stand with words that read: ‘Mental Help.’ The merchandise is live on B. Moore’s website. The other prints, “I Got You” and “Here To Listen” will follow throughout the rest of May.

B. Robert Moore

Source: B. Robert Moore / B. Robert Moore

Be sure to support B. Robert Moore and his latest series, “Imagine a World; Brown Like Me,” intended to spread awareness about how mental health is impeding upon the Black community. Visit his website to learn more.

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