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The tale of Yasuke, thought to be the world’s first Black samurai, is a little-known fact that deserves a larger story. A new anime based on the legendary figure is set to make its debut this Thursday on Netflix.

Lakeith Stanfield voices the titular character for Yasuke, who was said to be a servant of Italian Jesuit missionary Alessandro Vaglignano. The pair traveled to Japan around 1579, where they met warlord Oda Nobunaga. Because of his size, Nobunaga made Yasuke his personal bodyguard according to accounts.

Yasuke’s time as a samurai was short-lived as Nobunaga was overthrown by way of a coup and the warrior was sent back to the missionary, and much of his story has been lost to history.

The Netflix retelling of Yasuke’s story isn’t a historical jaunt based on facts and research and instead injects mecha, magic, and roving supernatural enemies that will meet Yasuke’s blade.


Source: Netflix / Netflix

Yasuke makes its debut on Netflix on April 29. Check out the trailer below.

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