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Rep. Maxine Waters is not someone who meekly goes away when someone tries to silence her, as the world realized during the famous “reclaiming my time” moment. The congresswoman once again employed the phrase after clashing with Rep. Jim Jordan, who refused to let go of a belabored point during a hearing.

On Thursday (April 15), a House Oversight coronavirus subcommittee hearing took place with Chairman James Clyburn leading the discussion. Jordan, who represents Ohio, was challenging Dr. Anthony Fauci over a timeline when Americans can return to normalcy, repeating past clashes the pair have over the public health response to the COVID-19.

Fauci explained that 60,000 people are still contracting the coronavirus and that there isn’t a determination that can be made that surpasses the science and suggestion of others.

Jordan’s time was spent and Clyburn gave the floor to Waters but Jordan, undeterred, began overtalking Waters this prompting her to tell her Republican colleague to “shut your mouth” in true Auntie Maxine fashion.

The exchange can be viewed below.

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