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Hennessy, the world’s top-selling cognac, continues to remain a fantastic compliment to the shelves of those who enjoy spirits. With Kamala Harris recently inaugurated as the 49th Vice President of the United States, Hennessy has created a cocktail aptly named The 49th.

We’re sure some are wondering why Joe Biden is the 46th President of the United States, three numbers lower than the current second in command. Simply put, President Franklin D. Roosevelt shook some things up in the 1930s, leading to splits with the Democratic Party and the rapid succession of some veeps. There exists a far wonkier explanation but we can table that for another time as there are more important things to discuss like cognac.

Hennessy XO, one of the brand’s high-end offerings, serves as the base for The 49th, an elegant cocktail that pairs the fruity and herbal pairing of pomegranate and hibiscus with the cognac. It should be noted that Hennessy XO is not meant to be used as a mixer. Like many aged spirits, it is meant to be enjoyed with a splash of water or ice for one to experience all it has to offer.

Hennessy XO 49th Cocktail

Source: Hennessy / Hennessy

The 49th is presented by way of a commemorative collector’s set from Cocktail Courier, which features a bottle of Hennessy XO, a pair of long-stemmed glasses etched with an embroidered 49 on its face, ice cube molds, and a beautiful ice cube display case. It is a visually arresting set that will certainly spark conservations or enhance a quiet evening after a long day. At an approachable retail price of $259.99, this set should be a part of one’s entertainment arsenal.

Hennessy XO 49th Cocktail

Source: Hennessy / Hennessy

With Vice President Harris blazing new trails as the first Black and South Asian woman to be named Vice President, she also owns the distinction of rising to the highest federal government position ever held by a graduate of a Historically Black College and University.

“We are honored to pay tribute to the historic advancements of the first Black and South Asian American Madam Vice President, as well as to all those who are pushing the limits of potential and in doing so, are inspiring others,” Jasmin Allen, Senior Vice President, Hennessy US offered via a statement.

Hennessy has pledged a monetary donation to its long-term partner in the Thurgood Marshall College Fund with a specific aim of boosting the careers of Black women in the C-Suite sector. This comes in addition to the already established Hennesey fellows program, a $10 million scholarship program designed for HBCU graduate students.

The 49th In Detail

CASSIUS was privileged to experience The 49th in all its splendor and it was unlike anything we’ve tried before. We brewed the eye-pleasing blend of the packaged pomegranate and hibiscus tea and poured the cooled tea into the provided mold set. What emerges is a beautiful jewel of a cube that gets placed inside the etched glassware, then a 1.5 oz pour of the XO and orange garnish finishes the job.

The tart pomegranate and herbal hibiscus ice cube did not add sweetness to the XO, which is dynamic on its own as we noted earlier. However, the flavors were held together due to the citrus scents from the garnish. Because it leans on the dry side, The 49th seems best suited for fans of red wines from the Beaujolais or Bordeaux regions. We also tried The 49th using VS version of Hennessy and we’re happy to report that it displayed the same beauté dans la simplicité (beauty in simplicity) as its predecessor.

Hennessy XO 49th Cocktail

Source: Hennessy / Hennessy

Cocktail Courier has limited supplies of the Hennessy X.O 49 Commemorative Cocktail Set. Learn more here.

Photo: Hennessy

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