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Just as America was learning that the 2020 election had officially come to an end on Saturday, a different kind of vote was getting underway.

Media coverage of the historic moment began to saturate social media, lighting up timelines across the globe with the news that Joe Biden had officially defeated Donald Trump‘s campaign to be re-elected, clearing the way for Kamala Harris to become the first vice president-elect who is Black.

But while the usual suspects like the Associated Press, the New York Times and the Washington Post weighed in with their stories that were topped with variations of standard “Biden Beats Trump” headlines, another news outlet took a decidedly different tack: “Hot Damn Joe, Here We Vote Again! Kandy-Korn-Kolored Disenfranchiser-In-Chief Donald Trump Dragged From White House By His Flimsy Faux Follicles As Adjudicatory Americans Bang The Gavel On His Raggedy-Ass Presidency.”

Yes, Bossip went there. And not a single lie was detected.

The headline unofficially earned Bossip the distinction of having the best headline covering Biden and Harris’ election.

While no formal votes were taken or tallied, the results couldn’t be any clearer after the tweet — posted a mere minutes after CNN broke the news — garnered more than 21,000 likes and 13,000 retweets, and counting.

For anybody unfamiliar with Bossip — one of NewsOne’s sister sites under the iOne Digital umbrella of digital properties — the premier destination for the latest in all things African American pop culture and entertainment is renowned for its social media headlines. But on Saturday, it outdid itself even by its standards. And plenty of people took notice.

When NY Mag’s Vulture called Jason Lee — an associate editor at Bossip better known by his social media handle of the Hip-Hop Obama — to learn more, the man his co-workers affectionately call Jah broke down his headline-writing prowess perfectly:

“‘Hot damn, Joe, here we vote again’ is just a Lil’ Kim reference, Jah explained. “I like doing headlines where people will react to it and be like, I really sang this headline.”

And the “candy corn” part? “To me,” he said, “it was an obvious one, plus candy corn is nasty as hell. Don’t nobody want no damn candy corn. I obviously took the ‘candy corn-colored’ and made them all K’s. So, people can take what they want from that part.”

And no Trump tweet would be complete without taking note of the losing president’s infamous hair.

“’Dragged out of the White House by his flimsy faux follicles,’” he continued, is “a Donald Trump hair joke. I felt the opportunity to squeeze in some more alliteration, which everybody is always a fan of. The image of a political cartoon of Donald Trump being dragged out of the oval office by his hair is kind of what was on my mind.”

The best thing about Bossip’s headlines? They’re far from a one-shot deal and routinely provide a gift that keeps on giving. Visit the site now and its Twitter feed for further proof of that undeniable fact.


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