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Celebrities At The Los Angeles Lakers Game

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After folks on social media literally got into a verbal showdown on Monday about Lizzo wearing a thong with her cheeks out at a recent LA Lakers game, the Grammy nominee is speaking out.

Like her outfit, she didn’t hold back with her response.

“Never ever let somebody stop you or shame you from being yourself,” she said in a video she posted on Instagram, adding, “This is who I’ve always been. Now everyone’s lookin’ at it, and your criticism can just remain your criticism. Your criticism has no effect on me.”

She continued, “I’m the happiest I’ve ever been … I’m surrounded by love, and I just wanna spread that love — and also spread these cheeks. And if you really, really don’t like my ass, you can kiss it.”

Halfway in she got emotional, speaking of times when she was homeless, sleeping in her car and lost hope after her father died. But even in all that, she’s come a long way and won’t let anyone take away her joy just because she twerked to her own song during the game. That, and she won’t be ashamed because of her size.

“Nothing really breaks my joy. I’m a really solid, grounded person, and I know that I’m shocking because you’ve never seen in a long time a body like mine doing whatever it wants to do and dressing the way that it dresses and moving the way that it moves,” Lizzo said in the stream that lasted nearly nine minutes.

“But I don’t ever want to censor myself because I’m suddenly famous, and I don’t want to censor myself because everyone’s looking at me now. I’m not going to quiet myself,” she said. “I’m not going to shrink myself because somebody thinks that I’m not sexy to them.”

 Se concluded with “I’m blessed, and I want you to know that you’re blessed.”


Earlier that afternoon, Lizzo posted on Twitter that her inspiration for that night was Rihanna’s Swarovski-crystal-encrusted nude fishnet gown (and her twerk backstage.) You know the one she wore to the 2014 CFDA Fashion Awards.

Whether you like Lizzo or not, you really have to ask yourself why are you so pressed about whether her a** is out, when you have no issue when Beyonce, Nicki Minaj or Megan Thee Stallion do the exact same thing by showing their skin.

Just saying. Let this woman and all her thickness live.


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