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Kanye West Sunday Service lakewood

Source: Splash / Splash News

Kanye West and mega-church pastor Joel Osteen are teaming back up, but this time they are headed to Yankee Stadium.

According to TMZ, the now religious rapper plans to join the famed pastor and his wife, Victoria Osteen, for their “Night of Hope” event, at Yankee Stadium. The Bronx show, which features prayer time and an inspiring message from Joel, is one of multiple tour stops the Osteens will make across the country.

The gossip site also revealed that a premature schedule of the show has been drafted with Joel Osteen delivering the sermon and Kanye West and his choir taking care of the musical side of the event.

While it’s Osteen’s first Yankee Stadium event with Yeezy, it marks his third time bringing the “America’s Night of Hope” series to the venue. Tickets for Osteen’s events at Yankee Stadium pre Kanye was listed around $15 and as of press time there was no word if the addition of the “Jesus Walk” rapper will gouge the price.

The “Night of Hope” event had been announced earlier this year, though West’s addition to the schedule comes after he appeared at the pastor’s Houston megachurch last month.

As previously reported, Kanye West made headlines after his 20-minute interview with Osteen in front of the congregation found Yeezy making a variety of mixed controversial statements, one of which likened stripping to sex trafficking.

“They got posters advertising sex trafficking because if there’s an advertisement for a strip club, that is advertising sex trafficking,” West told the congregation. “At the end of the night, when they close up, the manager says, ‘How much traffic do we have?’”

Kanye’ appearance at the mega-church wasn’t all controversy, Kanye did take time to address his transition from being a secular artist to now a full Gospel artists, stating that he has felt that God has been trying to get him on this path for a long time noting that it was God’s inspiration that helped him thru his mental breakdown in 2016.

”I know that God has been calling me for a long time and the devil has been distracting me for a long time,” West said. “[When I had my mental breakdown] God was there with me, sending me visions, inspiring me.”

The “Night of Hope” event is slated to be held on Saturday, May 2, 2020.

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