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Stephen A. Smith doesn’t hold back his passion and delivery for anyone, especially when it comes to the likes of popular sports figures. The ESPN host called out Colin Kaepernick after the free-agent quarterback made a last-minute switch of his NFL workout, saying that Kap would rather be a “martyr” than a player.

In a video posted to Twitter, Smith roasted Kaepernick for changing the venue of the workout, which was initially slated for the Atlanta Falcons practice facility. In the rant, Smith accuses Kaepernick of pulling off a fast one on the NFL and switched venues at the last minute to control the story for his own personal needs.

“Twenty-five teams show up in Georgia at the Atlanta Falcons practice facility. State of the art facility, NFL personnel, equipment, video, everything,” Smith said before blasting Kaepernick for switching the venue.

Smith added, “He don’t want to play, he wants to be a martyr. But guess what? It ain’t working this time. All of us believe that Colin Kaepernick would have showed out, and if he had showed out, I believe he would have had a job inside of two weeks.”

The bottom line for Smith, who clarified his points on ESPN’s First Take earlier Monday (November 18), is his feeling that Kaepernick doesn’t really want to work for the job and is trying to bully the NFL to work with him on his terms.

Check out Stephen A. Smith’s observations in the videos below.

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