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This offseason he Los Angeles Lakers made a big splash by trading virtually their entire team for the services of Anthony Davis. Because they gutted their roster for the superstar, they had to dig deep into the depths of free agency to acquire the services of aging former superstars to serve as the supporting cast around AD and Lebron James.

Insert Dwight Howard and Javale McGee. Two centers who are well traveled and have been all around the league. They’ve both been merciless victims to Shaquille O’Neal and his trolling ways. Notably, Shaq, who is often referred to as the original Superman, has had beef with Dwight, who was known as the new age Superman. Shaq and Javale’s beef didn’t start until Shaq’s show on NBA TV “Shaqtin A Fool” dubbed Javale and his silly antics MVP.

A teammate of both Dwight and Javale is Danny Green, and Danny Green has a podcast “The Green Room.” Dwight made an appearance on the podcast and opened up about his feelings toward Shaq, he even admitted that he wanted to fight him at one point.

Here’s what Dwight told the podcast:

“We did. I asked him [Javale McGee]. I was like, ‘Hey, did you want to fight Shaq?’ He was like, ‘Man I did, man!’ I was like, ‘Man I did too,’ but I was like, ‘There’s two things we’ve got to worry about. He’s a cop, so if we hurt him we’re going to jail. And two, if Shaq gets a hold of us, it’s over with. You’ve got to hit him and move, because if not? If Shaq gets you? It’s over with.’

“We talked about that. We laughed about a good 30 minutes, just talking about Shaq and all the things he said about us. But you know what it kind of did? It kind of kept us grounded, but it also made us realize, all right — every night we step in the gym, on the court, whatever we’re doing, let’s go 110 percent because we don’t want somebody like this, or anybody ever questioning who we are as basketball players and men.”

Whatever critiques Shaq has had of Javale and Dwight certainly aren’t showing their heads in Shaq’s former city. Both McGee and Howard have been having superb seasons in reduced roles on the Lakers. They are a key reason for the Lakers being 7-2 to start the season.

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