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LoveGold Honors Academy Award Nominee Lupita Nyong'o

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Lupita Nyong’o is continuing to show her range as an actress and after playing a Wakandan spy in Black Panther, a tethered horror villain (and hero) in Us, now she’s playing…

*Drum roll*

A zombie-fighting elementary school teacher!



This week, another trailer dropped for the horror comedy flick Little Monsters and it’s….a lot.

Before watching, here’s a couple takeaways to get you emotionally, mentally and spiritually ready… 

1. It’s violent….like REALLY violent.


That’s it.

2. But also…Lupita Nyong’o’s in it, and she’s wearing a conservative auntie hairstyle with a dress that looks like it was stolen from Miss Honey’s closet.


The actress never fails to get into character.

3. Children get attacked in the trailer…violently.

If you love children then you might want to pass. If you hate children, but would never think of harming one, but also find cinematic humor in kids getting hurt in a comedy because it’s not real life…theeeeen continue on.

4. Taylor Swift’s song “Shake It Off” is involved.


Proceed accordingly.




And now…

Are you ready? You’re good?


Check out the trailer for Little Monsters below and you can come to your own conclusions. If you’re feeling it, check out the horror comedy when it lands on Hulu October 11!


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