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Brand Nubian Unsung - Lord Jamar

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Brand Nubian member and Hip-Hop veteran Lord Jamar is no stranger to controversy, so his latest statement regarding women in Hip-Hop doesn’t come as a surprise.

During an interview with Bosschick Raine for the online show “Battle Code”, Lord Jamar stated that he doesn’t feel women rappers aren’t appealing as artists because he can’t relate to their subject matter, despite having the first lady of Flipmode, Rah Digga, as his podcast cohost.

“I don’t f*ck with female rappers,” he said before elaborating. “The same reason I don’t f*ck with white rappers or wack rappers: I can’t resonate with what a woman is talking about. Now listen, can I appreciate a sista that can rhyme good? Yes. Rah Digga can rhyme. She’s dope. Bahamadia, dope. But do I wanna listen to a female rhyming about female sh*t? It doesn’t resonate with me.”

When asked about female rap legends like Lauryn Hill and MC Lyte, Lord Jamar revealed that he holds those two ladies at a different standard than most.

“I love Lauryn Hill, but some people will say that’s not Hip Hop,” Lord Jamar continued. “You got some people that’ll say [The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill] was damn near an R&B album. I loved Lauryn Hill. She was one of the only female albums that I actually really did listen to on some ‘this is the soundtrack for a minute.’”

In regards to fellow pioneer, MC Lyte, Jamar stated that her “tomboy” persona allowed him to bypass her gender and listen to her rhyme before stating the obvious that his point of view like his music choice is very misogynistic.

“Lyte was different because we were younger. It was a different time and Lyte was almost like a tomboy at that time, so you kinda knew girls like Lyte, but Lyte’s music was more harder too,” Lord Jamar explained. “I like real Hip Hop. Like I said, I’m an alpha male. So, certain themes are not gonna resonate with me. Female themes, themes of sucker sh*t, white people themes. There’s a lot of shit that I wouldn’t resonate with. But I resonate with positive, militant, gangsta, sometimes misogynistic music. I’m just keeping it real. I’m just telling you what I like.”

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