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Univeristy of Alabama has large out-of-state enrollment

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

Jamie Riley was barely settled into his role as the Dean of Students at the University of Alabama when Breitbart News decided to unearth some old yet accurate tweets. Although the tweets were published years before Riley’s tenure began some six months ago, he has decided to resign all the same no doubt due to pressure from the top.

Breitbart posted the tweets in a story that we don’t dignify with a link and claimed it reached out to Alabama officials to inquire if they knew about Riley’s Twitter presence and did not get a response. The tweets the conservative network centered on should be right up their Right’s free speech alley but of course, criticism of America is hardly tolerated by their sort even when warranted.

“The American flag represents a systemic history of racism for my people,” Riley said in a 2017 tweet, using an American Flag emoji. “Police are a part of that system. Is it that hard to see the correlation?” it continued.

“I’m baffled about how the first thing white people say is, ‘That’s not racist!’ when they can’t even experience racism,” Riley wrote in another tweet from 2017. “You have 0 opinion!”

Alabama officials say that both sides mutually agreed to part but it looks more like a PR stunt, which Unite for Reproductive & Gender Equity (URGE) UA, a sexual and reproductive justice student organization at school, seemingly note in a statement via its Facebook page regarding Dr.Riley’s resignation which can be read in full below.

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