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Earlier this week, people from around metro Atlanta, Georgia were willing to stand in line starting at 10:30 am just to be among the first in the nation to taste Kentucky Fried Chicken’s (KFC) new vegan “chicken” wings and nuggets. California-based vegan food manufacturer Beyond Meat and KFC recently joined forces to test a new “plant-based chicken” product.

By noon, the line stretched over a block away and some customers had to wait in the KFC parking lot. These new plant-based menu items attracted everyone from vegans, to non-vegans, to nearby office workers, to stay at home moms and even celebs like Atlanta-based producer and musician Jermaine Dupri. Although celebs are usually given special treatment when it comes to these types of events, Jermaine opted to wait in line like everyone else. In fact, we’re told that he was actually the first in line at KFC to experience what all the buzz was about.

The new vegan menu options were available for one day at one location in the country.

Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet 

Studies show that plant-based diets may lower the risk of certain diseases, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and certain cancers. In fact, the benefits of going vegan can include weight loss, better heart health and an overall longer lifespan.

Feedback about the new plant-based KFC menu items has remained mostly positive with a number of customers reporting that they are excited about vegan options being offered from yet another fast food chain.

We can’t wait to see what KFC rolls out next!

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