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Power Season 6 Premiere

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Finally, the moment we have all been waiting for has arrived. Power’s sixth and final season is here. It picks right up where last season’s cliffhanger ended with Angela(Lela Loren) taking a bullet to the chest for Ghost (Omari Hardwick). It’s a race against time with Angie’s life hanging in the balance. We quickly learn her fate, and it sets the tone for the Starz hit drama’s new season.

Angela’s Death Further Complicates Things For Everyone

Power, Season 5, Episode 10 When This Is Over

Source: Starz / Power

Following the season five finale, fans immediately wondered if Angela Valdez died after she was shot in the chest by Tommy (Joseph Sikora). Power’s showrunner, Courtney A. Kemp immediately informed viewers that Angela was not dead and she would be returning for the sixth and final season. Well, she kinda fooled us, Angela did live long enough to make it into the season six premiere, but there is definitely a catch. The episode opens up with Ghost accompanying Angie during a frantic ambulance ride to the hospital to treat her gunshot wound.

Once they arrive at the hospital, Ghost is immediately questioned by the police as they are trying to figure out what in the hell happened. He is still in a bit of shock after witnessing his “brother” put a bullet in his side boo’s chest and leaves after a few minutes of questioning. His world comes crashing down when Paz (Elizabeth Rodriguez) walks in screaming, calling him a murderer. It’s at that exact moment that we learn that Tommy canceled Christmas for Angela Valdez. Angie died during surgery for her gunshot wound. Ghost cannot believe it, the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with is gone at the hands of former best friend and business partner.

Angela’s death sets off a series of events immediately. It further strains the already fractured relationships that Ghost has with Tommy, his wife and even his son Tariq. Tommy, on the other hand, evens things up. Angela’s death served as payback for Ghost tricking him into killing his snitch father, Tony Teresi (William Sadler). At the same time, he also got revenge for Holly in the process as well. Basically, that was a bonus for the snowflake gangster.

While we are still on the subject of Tommy, he is desperately trying to cover his tracks now. While he missed his intended target which was Ghost, he isn’t mad about putting a bullet in Angela. He first calls Keisha (La La Anthony) — who is filling in for Holly as his new ride or die — and tells her the recent developments. He instructs her to meet up with him with a change of clothes at a location he will reveal to her later. When they do finally link up, he gives her the murder weapon instructing her to toss it in the river. She’s hesitant, but agrees to dispose of the evidence, he hops back in his car, leaving her on the corner where he met her at.

Tommy then links up with Tasha (Naturi Naughton) to break down what happened at the high school. He informs his ex-business partner’s estranged wife that he shot Angela and needs an alibi but at the moment doesn’t know she is dead. Tasha is worried because if she survived, there is a good chance Angela will drop a dime on Tommy, and an alibi won’t help him. Plus at the same time Ghost or as she describes him, “the devil” is on his ass now. Tasha knows precisely how her husband is going to respond following the “failed” assassination attempt. She urges Tommy to fix things if that he wants an alibi because it could be detrimental to the kids, her and Tommy, he might be too late though.

Saxe Is On The Case

Power S5 - 506 "A Changed Man"

Source: Starz / Starz

The effects of Angela’s death is also being felt at her old job as well. Saxe (Shane Johnson), Jerry (Ty Jones), and Tameika (Quincy Tyler Bernstine)convene at the office to pretty much blame and question each other. Saxe is positive that James was behind Angela’s death while Jerry and Tameika feel he doesn’t have enough evidence to prove that. Saxe knows it could be Ghost because he revealed to Proctor that a female witness was willing to testify against his client. Knowing that Proctor (Jerry Ferrara) would run to James with that info, it makes perfect sense to Saxe that Ghost would kill Angie. After a bit of back and forth between the trio, Saxe vows to build his case against Ghost and take him down for the murder.

Now on the case, Saxe stops by the hospital to see Angela and finds her sister Paz crying over her sister’s corpse. He expresses “sincere” regret for Angela’s death, but Paz is not trying to hear it. Saxe wants to conduct an autopsy on Angela’s body but needs Paz’s consent to do so, and she flat out says no. He somehow switches the guilt trip around on Paz. He tells her if she doesn’t go through with the autopsy and Ghost gets away, she will be the only person to blame.

Saxe then finds Proctor and tries to squeeze some sort of confession out of him. Ghost’s attorney proves why he is worth every damn dollar and manages to turn the tables on Saxe. Proctor hits Saxe in the gut when he reminds him that he shared confidential information about a federal witness with him. Proctor leaves, and Saxe heads back to the office with his tail between his legs only to learn that Tameika has been fired.

She has now been replaced with a new character we will grow to hate throughout the season by the name Jacob Warner (Evan Handler). He takes over as the new US District Attorney for the eastern district. Warner wastes no time settling into his new position. Before he could call in the security to have Saxe’s ass removed, Saxe makes a case for himself to be allowed to stay on the job and bring down not only Ghost but everyone and get them the death penalty.

Warner agrees, but he gives Saxe a very short leash being that he is breaking all kinds of laws. He tells his new underling that is he messes this up, Tameika will be holding a spot for him in the unemployment line, and he will draw up Saxe’s indictment papers personally. Saxe will also be getting another break in his investigation as well.

After Paz has another encounter with Ghost where he tried to convince her he didn’t kill Angela and offered to pay for the funeral, she decides to let Saxe conduct the autopsy.

The Odds Are Stacking Up Against Ghost

Power Season 6 Premiere

Source: Power / Starz

Ghost wastes no time in his quest for revenge. In the episode, he informs Proctor he has no intentions of seeing Tommy behind bars, but in a body bag. His first encounter with his former business partner has the two “brothers” engaging in a brawl with neither of them gaining the upper hand on each other. The struggle fight is broken up when Riq (Michael Rainey Jr.) walks through the door much to the surprise of both of them.

Ghost wants to know why his son is not in school, and Riq being the spoiled “struggle gangster” that he is gives talks back to his father with an ounce of fear. Oh, this boy needs his ass whooped seriously. After the standoff Ghost leaves but lets Tommy know that they are not finished. Tariq tells Uncle Tommy that he needs him to help him do something, which is to help him spread his now-deceased mentor, Kanan’s ashes. Tommy agrees but informs his nephew that he has to take care of some business with his connect Jason.

Tommy and Riq link back up on the roof of his apartment and have a somber moment. Before Riq can spread Kanan’s ashes, Tommy sprinkles some in his joint and blows him the air. The two have a discussion about Ghost with Tommy asking his nephew how he would feel if something terrible happened to his father? Riq responds saying he honestly wouldn’t feel any kind of way. Looks like Tommy has both Tasha and Riq in his corner now and the odds are stacking against Ghost immensely.

Unbeknownst to them, Ghost was outside waiting to make his move on Tommy but has to cancel his hit cause Riq was with him. Ghost is stunned, but we know he takes notice of everything and now knows he really can’t even trust his own son.

Ghost does have one ace up his sleeve, and that is Proctor. He pays him a visit to follow-up after Proctor supplied him with the wrong information about Angela being the witness. He breaks down how Angela was killed by Tommy and that Saxe revealed there is still another female witness out there willing to testify against him.

Power Season 6 Premiere

Source: Power / Starz

After he gets Ghost to cool down, he implores his client to turn Tommy in, but Ghost wants him dead…period! Proctor also suggests that Ghost needs to get ahead of things by going in and talking to the feds.

Tasha Wants A Divorce

Power Season 5, Episode 8 "A Friend of The Family

Source: Power / Starz

Tasha is fed up and worried at the same time. She is tired of having to deal with Ghost, her son is driving her crazy. She is also looking for the “love of her life” Terry Silver. We all know that Ghost put choked the life out him literally, but his wife has no clue. Her search for Mr.Silver brings him to his law firm where she finds out he hasn’t been to work, making her even more worried that he met his demise.

Tasha finally links up with Ghost, and he tells her that Angela is dead and that Tommy did it. Deep down inside we know Tasha could care less, but she didn’t want Tommy to do it. The conversation goes left when Ghost suggests that Tommy is enjoying this cause he killed the women that he loved. Tasha gets annoyed and asks Ghost what happened to the man that she loved, Terry Silver and if he knows what happened to him? Ghost lies and denies any knowledge of his whereabouts. Before Tasha leaves the office, she tells her husband that she wants a divorce.

Tasha’s mom though always was against her daughter’s way of thinking. She wants Tasha to forget this whole divorce thing and get back with Ghost being that she has no job or place to live. Tasha is not with that plan and vows to her revenge against Ghost herself without going to the cops.

Tommy Is On Edge

Power, Season 5, Episode 10 When This Is Over

Source: Starz / Power

With Ghost now his rival and his Jason on his back, Tommy is on edge. When he returns to speak with his crew and having to inform they have to wait for the product, Poncho doesn’t take to kindly to the news. Tommy was already not feeling the energy with his underlings making like of battle wounds from his fight with Ghost. Poncho didn’t make things any better by getting out pocket with his boss either.

Tommy wastes no time and pulls the trigger after Poncho says, “he ain’t shit without Ghost.” Poncho’s death left a spot open in the organization, Tommy offers the job to Roberto. He takes the responsibility after being threatened with a bullet to the head.

This Means War

Power Season 6 Premiere

Source: Power / Starz

Ghost tries one more time to take out Tommy while his former partner is meeting with his connect. Jason asks Tommy for a very awkward hug and in the process takes his car keys. He sends his goons to pull in Tommy’s signature vehicle, not knowing his target is not in the car, Ghost fills the car up with bullets killing the driver.

Ghost flees the scene, but we quickly learn that Tommy is still standing, but he now knows that Ghost means business and won’t stop till he is dead. We are in for a long battle between the two brothers with the shows signature characters trying to stay out of prison.

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