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Eric Garner's Family Reacts To NYPD Decision About Police Officer Pantaleo

Source: Kena Betancur / Getty

As it always seems to go, when two people in the public eye disagree on a topic, they’re immediately pitted against each other. Their bases, or people who believe they are right, become enemies and there seems to be no common ground between them.

That is what is happening with Jay-Z and Colin Kaepernick. Al Sharpton wants to get ahead of it and make sure the focus remains on the fight against racial inequality. After Hov and Roc Nation agreed to a deal with the NFL, many took issue with Hov as they believe his business decision undercut Kaepernick and what he sacrificed, and they found it even more troublesome that he didn’t consult with Kaepernick.

“This ain’t about Colin Kaepernick’s knee,” Sharpton said at the National Action Network’s rally on Saturday. “It’s about choking Eric Garner to death, it’s about the shooting of Tamir Rice, it’s about Michael Brown.”

Sharpton also commented on how TMZ tried to get him to pick a side as well.

“They asked [me] ‘What do you think about Jay Z? They’re calling him a sellout and all that.’ I said, ‘The issue is Jay Z has done documentaries around and about Kalief Browder and other things. I’m not attacking Jay Z and I won’t participate until Kaepernick has a job. The issue is Eric Garner. This issue is Tamir Rice. Keep your eyes on the bigger picture.”

At the National Action Rally, Sharpton also pleaded with the crowd to make sure they don’t forget about the fight against police brutality and racial inequality.  According to a site that keeps track of police killings, there have been 480 people killed at the hands of the police this year alone.

“This ain’t no battle for athletes and superstars, it’s about people being trampled on,” Sharpton continued. “Don’t let them distract you fighting the wrong fight.”

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