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Aeroplane on runway for takeoff

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Folks really are just TRIFLING.

One unidentified man recently went viral for using his crusty bare feet to operate his in-flight entertainment screen.

According to CNN, the man was recorded on the flight and eventually, the camera person sent the clip to a friend who posted it on Twitter.


Like…this is real life.

The tweet has since been shared over 32,000 times. Some people pointed out that maybe the man was disabled. However, the person who posted the clip, author Alafair Burke, said the recorder of the video witnessed the man walking on and off the plane, carrying his own bag. “He just likes to watch TV with his bare feet,” Burke tweeted.


Gross, gross, gross.

Now Naomi Campbell‘s airplane rituals make sense.

The actress and supermodel recently posted a video where she explained that she cleans everything on her plane before touching things. Using disposable gloves and anti-bacterial wipes, she said:

“Clean anything that you could possibly touch. This is what I do on every plane I get on. I do not care what people think of me. It’s my health and it makes me feel better.”

She then proceeded to wipe down every centimeter of her seat, seat belt, window, tray table, remote control and yes, her TV screen. Peep her ritual for yourself below starting at the 2:29 mark.


Considering the bare feet outlaw above, it all makes sense. Hit the flip for some hilarious reactions to the viral video operator.

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