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It’s been a minute since we’ve seen Hilary Swank on the big (or small) screen, but the Academy Award winner is back, and has taken her talents to Netflix. ‘I Am Mother’ is an intense thriller science fiction flick starring Ms. Swank, Clara Rugaard and Rose Byrne — who voices the character of Robot Mother.

The movie tells the story of female robot in a bunker raising a teenager while giving the impression that the world above is not fit for human life. When a gunshot-wounded woman (played by Swank) arrives at the bunker door, she threatens that idea, calling into question everything the girl was told about the outside world. The girl then start to explore the robot’s nature and discovers the truth of Mother’s greater mission.

We caught up with Hilary and Clara as they dished on all things digital, dark and deceptive. When asked about one thing they were taught as children that turned out to be a lie, Clara joked: “Well, the toothfairy! Santa Clause?”  Hilary gave a more in depth response, adding: “I think both of our families are very liberal and open-minded, so they didn’t tell us…”

Clara: “…Lies to make us unravel ourselves. But I think parents do things to protect their children.”

Hilary: “I think both our parents are like ‘We’re all one people’, ‘Treat people how you want to be treated. That sort of thing”

Have you checked out ‘I Am Mother’ yet? Catch the full movie on Netflix, and check out what else the cast of the film had to say in the video above.

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