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Governor Ralph Northam addresses the media the day after a photo of a person in Blackface and another dressed in a KKK uniform were discovered on his page in his medical school yearbook.

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The controversy around Gov. Ralph Northam continues. A member of the Democratic party, Northam is currently under fire over racist images found on his medical school yearbook page.

Northam initially apologized for appearing in the photo, but in a recent press conference, he retracted his previous statement denying that he participated in the taking the picture.

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The backlash was immediate. Concerned citizens took to social media to comment on the issue. Celebrities, politicians, and even former governor, Doug Wilder — the first African American to hold the office in the Commonwealth, weighed in:


Despite the mounting pressure, Gov. Northam is digging in, determined not to leave office.

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I write these words with careful consideration and sober thought. My full response/letter will be shared tomorrow during our services and shared on our social media pages. Below is an excerpt of my thoughts: “The recent revelations of our Governor, regardless of their year, have once again resurfaced the deep thread of racial injustice and distrust that has so deeply stained our country, and especially the Commonwealth of Virginia. I stand with those who call for his immediate resignation. This does not discredit his contributions in Pediatric care, military service, or public service, but it is clear that with these stains of racism in the fabric of his character, he is no longer qualified to help us move forward with civility, reconciliation, or unity as a state. While I am an advocate for grace, Grace is not always a substitute for accountability. This is unacceptable, disheartening, and inconsistent with what it means to represent all peoples you are called to serve. Any alternative outcomes are a clear representation of privilege and problematic to the hope of “trust” from people of color in our state.” I will release the full letter tomorrow. But for now…let’s pray and persist in our efforts towards a just and equitable land.

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You been following this foolishness in Virginia? I waited to hear out Governor Northam at his press conference, even after he switched positions from yesterday and I read he was refusing to resign. He gotta get a better crisis strategy than going The Full Shaggy ‘it wasn’t me in the picture on my yearbook page and further, I’ve never seen this picture or even the yearbook before’ . Sir. Your damage control is more damaging. 😂😂. You’re insulting the intelligence of The People and after you’ve lost the support of your entire party. You’ve lost your ability to effectively lead. I know Sir wants to save his job and there’s no plan B, but God will provide. In the meantime, he gotta go. Virginia can’t take this. He’s one of the 99 Problems. I’d be shocked if he’s still in office by Friday. • Sir said it wasn’t him in the picture, but the same year, he dressed up as Michael Jackson and he used shoe polish to “darken” his skin… but he wasn’t in blackface. 🌚🌚 WTH??? And he name dropped his black aide. Translation: I have black friends. 😂😂 Sir. Step away from the mic. Get off this stage with these shenanigans. • My only question is how didn’t this come out during the campaign? And why is wife up there? This is your screw up. Not hers. Why she gotta be a prop and share your messy photo op? She couldn’t console you backstage after?? #blackhistorymonth #ralphnortham #thisisamerica

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