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Jay Ellis, Escape Room

Source: Global Grind / Global Grind

Global Grind deputy editor Eleven8 caught up with Jay Ellis during the press junket for his new film Escape Room, in theaters January 4, to discuss an array of topics pertaining to his role in the movie.

Escape Room tells the story of six strangers who find themselves in circumstances beyond their control and must use their wits, their strength and some good old problem solving skills to beat various escape rooms and win a $1 million grand prize. However, what was initially a race to a huge cash prize turned into a desperate fight for their lives when the crew finds out that the games are deadly. Now, they’re not only fighting for a huge amount of money, they’re fighting for survival.

In Escape Room, Jay Ellis plays the role of Jason, a former all-American athlete who will do anything to win — and survive. He’s a master manipulator and when it comes to his fellow escape room gamers, he doesn’t mind sacrificing them to come out on top. He’s completely in it to win it and some could say his competitive nature was the quality one would have if they would like to be a king.

Something like the king of R&B, perhaps?

You may recall, a few weeks ago R&B singer Jacquees proclaimed himself this generation’s King of R&B. His proclamation created a huge stir on social media with fans and R&B singers voicing their opinions on the subject. Several of Jacquees’ fellow artists came out to refute his claims, naming others they felt were more suitable to hold the crown. However, Jacquees, despite the naysayers, has continued to maintain that he is on top at this very moment.

Of course, Global Grind couldn’t pass up the opportunity to discuss this important topic going on in the world today.

We took a moment to ask Jay Ellis about his thoughts on the “King of R&B” controversy and he wasn’t afraid to weigh in on the topic.

“I mean, it’s Bobby Brown,” said Ellis. “There’s just no way around it. Bobby Brown is the king of R&B. I mean, at least he held the crown for a while.”

Jay Ells also shared his thoughts on the current generation’s king of R&B. Find out what he had to say when you press play on the video above!

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