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Houston’s own H-Town stopped by The Quiet Storm with KG Smooth to break down more than a few things. First, they’re official members of the National R&B Hall of Fame and this being 25 years the release of their classic single “Knockin’ Da Boots,” they had to make a long overdue appearance inside The Quiet Storm.

GI and Shazam go over the first time they heard “Knocking Da Boots” on radio, how they signed with Uncle Luke, how they believe they wound up in the Hall of Fame and … the nastiest thing a female fan ever did on stage.

“Back when we first started off, we were really big celebrities but we weren’t making a lot of money. The label gave us $160 a week to split to eat,” Shazam says. “So when I got to celebrity status, I started selling the clothes off my back. I’m a teenager now so if you’re giving me $100 for a shirt I paid 99 cents for, I’m with it. So when fans came up, we used to just give away clothes when we started making money. What I would do is, I would clothes away give fans … whatever y’all want, you can take it. I had a pile of clothes that I wore and a pile I didn’t wear. This may sound kind of disgusting but it was like, ‘Wow, is it like that, baby?’”

He continued, “She goes to my dirty pile and its the clothes I just took off from being on stage. She grabbed a pair of underwear and asked, ‘These underwear?’ I said, ‘Them the underwear I just had on.’ I was sweating so you know … she takes the underwear and rinses them in her mouth. And I said, wow, is it THAT serious?!”

Yes, the girl took his drawls that he had been performing in, sweaty … and rung them out into her mouth.

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